Prem Rawat at European Parliament in Brussels

Prem Rawat was invited by Gianni Pittella, First Vice President of the European Union, to share his vision of peace at a special event called “Words of Peace for Europe,” held at the EU Parliament House in Brussels on June 29, 2010. Mr. Rawat spoke to a diverse audience of diplomats, local leaders, and other honored guests from many countries.

Prem Rawat Maharaji honored at European Parliament at Brussels

Mr. Rawat’s remarks offered a clear and challenging perspective. “If we have the power to make such a mess out of this earth, then certainly we have enough power to bring peace to this earth, too,” he said. “The question remains whether or not it is something that we want to do, because peace begins with every one of you. It is individual human beings who need peace; it is individual human beings in whom the desire resides; and it is on the individual human being’s stage that peace needs to dance.”

Concluding his address during which pin-drop silence was frequently interrupted by bursts of applause, Mr. Rawat declared, “Determination, understanding, and clarity have to be the fundamental foundations on which this peace will be built. Not exclusion, but inclusion. The day our measurements are based on our similarities and not our differences is the day we will begin to lay the foundation for peace in this world.”

At the end of the event, Mr. Pittella personally thanked Mr. Rawat for his insights, declaring that: "Today, peace is considered an irreplaceable factor in every effort for a society that is based on the dignity of the individual and on common welfare. However, any effort for peace made by institutions cannot fully succeed if the value of peace is not deeply rooted in every person's heart.”

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