This is our time—the time each one of us has been given. Yet we get lost in semantics—what is good, bad, right, wrong. What do we forget? Everywhere, someone has a request, someone has a prayer. “Make this happen. Give me a better job. Give me a better life.” We forget what we have been given.

Somehow, we are unable to look at what is in front of us—the most beautiful, the most magnificent. There is no greater blessing than the coming and going of this breath. This is what we have. Everything else is changeable by its nature. You want things to be good, and when they are, you want them to stay that way. But they can’t. They will change.


The whole world is willing to talk about the future. Someone sees you are doing well and says, “You have a bright future.” How bright a future can you have? One certainty in your future is that you’re going to die. Everyone is saying, “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.” What’s waiting for us at the end? Nothing. Hurry up so you can meet nothing. But it’s all acceptable to us. Why? Because the simple reality is ignored again and again—the reality that you are alive. You are who you are. And every day that comes, you are given an opportunity to recognize that.

The sun goes down, your body goes to sleep. The sun comes up again. You awaken. Here is your opportunity to forget the past and become busy with the present, but you don’t do that. You go to sleep with the worries that have come from yesterday. This is who you sleep with. Some people wonder why their life is miserable. Look at the company you keep. You keep the company of memories that are gone.

Peace seems trivial now because you have a busy schedule. You have the whole world to take care of—all these responsibilities. But if you don’t take care of your responsibility to the heart, what good is it? Your heart is a part of you, too. Unless you also use your heart—your inner wisdom—your life will not be complete no matter what you do.


Can you do that? Can you be conscious enough to understand the importance of this existence? Can you be conscious enough to allow your heart to fill with the gratitude that it wants? That’s all. There are no other requirements. All you have to do is accept it.

This is the gift. Of all the billions of things that could be, this is you. You could have been an inch taller or shorter. Your face could have been a little different, but it isn’t. This is who you are. Do you accept that? Or are you investing everything in what isn’t? “I wish it was this way, that way.” Is your investment in all that isn’t or in all that is?

Awaken and open your eyes to the beautiful reality of being alive. Weigh every moment with the importance of this breath. With the sweetness, the beauty, the understanding, the clarity of your heart, take the steps needed in your life. And be content in the supreme joy that is always dancing within you. Let that become real for you. It is a beautiful process because life in itself is a beautiful, beautiful journey. Be fulfilled every day. This is what life promises: that we can be fulfilled every single day.

— Prem Rawat