Beyond Success

Prem Rawat / Maharaji

Each one of us judges our day, our year, and indeed, our lives by what has been accomplished. "Was it a good day?" People will say, "I accomplished this, I went there. I did this, I did that, and, yes, it was a good day." Or, "No, I had problems. My tire went flat, my car broke down, this problem happened, that problem happened. So, no, it was not a good day."

What is really important? Is it really the breaking down of the car that can destroy a day? I agree that it is inconvenient. Things happen in people's lives and they say, "I am ruined! I am destroyed!"

I want to point out that there's something happening in your life that is more important than the sum of all your accomplishments and your mistakes put together. What is it? It is so simple. It is the coming and the going of each breath.

Prem Rawat /Maharaji

This is the greatest miracle that you will ever witness. No miracle in your life will ever be greater than the coming and going of each breath. In times of trouble, it doesn't leave you. And it is one thing that never judges. Each breath brings the possibility of being fulfilled. Each breath brings the possibility of being in peace.

I know that everyone has an idea of what peace is. When people hear the word peace, they think of world peace, no more wars. Take a look at it from a different angle and you will see real peace. Peace is something that manifests inside of human beings.

I will tell you what I am talking about. I received emails from people in Lebanon and Israel who have experienced peace within. And what do you think these emails said? "Thank you. Thank you for what you have shown us in our lives." They were being bombed, but even in the middle of the war, there is a gratitude for the peace they feel inside of themselves.

You see, what I talk about is not just words. I have nothing new to say. Everything I say, you know. Your heart, your being, your self, has been saying this to you again and again and again and again: "Be in peace. Be content."


To be content. To be in peace. To understand. To enjoy this life. Look at this journey not by failures, not by successes—but as the most precious gift. That's what it is: the most precious gift that could possibly be given to a human being. And here, you have it. It is the sum of all desires fulfilled. It is everything that you have always wanted. And it is everything that you will ever want.

This one place within you is where there are no doubts and no questions, where there is clarity and understanding, where there's a celebration of life going on and you are welcomed. You are welcome to take part in the celebration of existence. You are the only one who can go there. No one else. Only you can go there. It’s made for you.

Each one of us can experience that peace in our lives—not in words, not in concepts, not in ideas, but in reality—every single day. The peace that I'm talking about is the peace that people experience in the middle of rocket-falls.

This is not about religion. Follow whatever religion you want. This is about finding the place within inside of you that still remains untapped. I'm not here to offer formulas to you. I can put you in touch with the peace that is within you. As impossible as it may sound, it's happening right now. Somewhere in the world, somebody is being put in touch with that beauty that is inside of them. And it is no surprise that when a person feels the beauty within, the next words they say are, "Thank you. Thank you for letting me feel the peace inside of me."

— Prem Rawat