Can you Change the Story of Your Life?

Prem Rawat / Maharaji

Here we are.

Somehow it all happened. There is this beautiful planet earth—just gorgeous. The blue is just amazing. The rivers—the way they run, the way they sound, the way the sunlight shines on them and creates all these ripples. The green leaves—the turning of the leaves in the fall, and then the dancing of each leaf in the wind. It is spectacular. Deserts—just sand and more sand and rock formations.

And then you, who can appreciate it all. This earth cooled down to just the right temperature so that you can exist. Variations. The seasons—winter and the thawing of winter turns into spring, where life begins anew.

You are placed on this earth. You’re not going to last for billions of years. This story unfolds from almost nothing. One part unfolds, then another and another. It does a little dance of unfolding, and then it folds back up into that nothing. From that nothing to the unfolding to the folding back again is your existence, your story. Not somebody else’s story or their story for you as drafted by them, but your story as drafted by you.

Maharaji / Prem Rawat

Some people say, “Destiny is prewritten; whatever is written on each one of those pages is already written.” So then why pray? Whose mind are you trying to change? And if you pray and you think it works, then you have to change the definition of destiny. It’s not prewritten; it can be influenced.

Other people say, “I am responsible for unfolding every bit. I am the one who writes everything.” How about a happy medium? The fact that each part of the story is going to unfold is destiny, but there’s nothing written on the pages. The paper feeder is automatic. You write the story. What would you like to write? What should your story be like? Should it be about suffering, pain, anger, and a list of all the things you don’t have? Or should it be a really interesting story? The adventure.

The biggest adventure is not climbing Mt. Everest. That’s been done. The biggest adventure that will ever unfold in your life is you finding you. The story is fun. It is delicious, and it is the biggest mystery: You are never far from yourself, ever. The closest you will ever be to anyone is you, and the one you don’t know is you. You know everybody else, and what you have to do is find you.

Talk about an adventure—this is Dragon Land. Here, dragons are not imagination. They really exist. If you don’t tame the dragon in your adventure, it will eat you. And if you do tame the dragon, you get to fly on its back wherever you want to go.


In this story, there are swords, but there is one sword that has unbelievable powers—the sword of clarity. Everyone has it but is afraid of it. They’re not afraid of the dragon. They should be, because the dragon has only one mission in mind: Food. And if you are not careful, some of your most treasured things will be taken away from you.

You are the protector, the knight in shining armor of this story. You have the sword of clarity that can make everything right, but you’re afraid to pull it out.

Does this adventure start from your birth and then there is a happy ending? No, this story plays out every single day. You get to make a happy ending and you get to be victorious every day. Can you change the story? That’s a million-dollar question. A lot of people will tell you, “No. You cannot.” Me? Yes, of course you can change the story. And not only that, I have seen it changed. Even in your most frustrated, darkest day, there’s a place inside of you where you can go, touch that place within, and your story has changed.

If you choose to change the story, I’m here to help and I can help. I’ve helped a lot of people. But the most important thing is that there is a lot of hope. If you really understand that you can change the story, there’s a tremendous amount of hope—hope that this life can be fulfilled every single day. And that is a mighty nice hope to have. And not only hope, but tools to make it real.

— Prem Rawat