Prem Rawat in Alt

Congratulations, you are alive. Here you are. Once, you weren’t here. And one day, you won’t be. All your drama and trauma, all your ideas, all the things you like and don’t like, all the things that happen that you judge your life by are but a dream. Just a dream. Dreams are not to be taken lightly, but they are dreams.

In the middle of all these dreams, there is a place within you where you can truly be awake. In that awakening, there is no judgment. There aren’t issues of good and bad, right and wrong. You are not judged. There are no yardsticks and no races. Nobody is standing there saying, “You won” or “You lost.” Just a beautiful reality that you are alive.

You have the ability to understand, to know, to admire. These are your qualities. You have the ability to get angry and the ability to be calm. You have the ability to be in turmoil and the ability to be in peace. Which do you use the most? Frustration. Anger. Disappointment.

Once in awhile, you actually find yourself happy. When you are, it is such a big deal that you think about it for years to come. And when you get older and your short‑term memory goes, you will say, “I remember when I was there. Oh, that was so beautiful.”

You have some other qualities: You can appreciate this existence. You can truly be happy in a timeless way—no camera needed, no special circumstances required. You can be in the joy that springs from your heart every single day.


Most people are trying to understand their mind. People have been trying to do that for an extremely long time. And they never will. They write books and say beautiful things, but it is like having a garden that looks spectacular though every flower is made out of paper and every tree is plastic. The grass is fake, so you don’t ever have to cut it.

The disadvantage is that flowers don’t bloom there and spring never comes. Bees never fly, no flower has a beautiful aroma, and the trees do not sway in the wind. Even though it all looks pretty, it is static—as in dead.

That is why it is so important to have a living experience. Living. Breathing. Existing. Feeling. Thinking. Understanding. Knowing. That’s what is real.

What does your garden look like? Have you smelled the flowers? Have you ever seen a bee? Are there birds in the trees? Is there a season when it looks fine and you are content?

Prem Rawat

People get used to being frustrated. They get used to being mad, upset. They say, “That’s life. Good times, bad times—it’s all okay.” What is okay? Me being lost? Me ignoring my own nature? Me being away from myself? Me not recognizing myself?

That’s why every one of us needs so desperately to understand that there can be no compromises, that an effort needs to be made every single day to see, to feel what we have been given—from the heart, from our very basic being.

Know that a time will come when all that you rely on will slowly fade away. What will remain? You. You will still be able to experience, but erosion is afoot. It happens so slowly you don’t notice it, but it’s afoot. Every day, every second, it marches on, but above it floats a beautiful reality that is timeless. You are alive. And till the day you are alive no more, you can go inside and feel happiness; you can feel joy.

There is hope. Your heart is knocking on the door. Open up. Feel, see, understand, realize, know. Be in that joy, be in that feeling every moment. Understand the beauty of the possibility to feel clarity, to feel gratitude, to be thankful to be alive. I’m here to remind you: don’t wait. Wake up. See, feel, admire, be a part of your existence.

— Prem Rawat