Prem Rawat / Maharaji

Not too long ago, I had an interview with a magazine. The interviewer was saying that people have so many explanations. I agree. Who is considered good? The one who can come up with the best explanation. People want to explain God. People want to explain life. People want to explain what is good, what is truth, what is salvation. And these are things that can only be felt but not explained.

You cannot explain what life is. You need to feel it. You cannot explain breath. You need to breathe it. You cannot explain water. If you are thirsty, you need to drink it. You cannot explain food. If you are hungry, you need to eat it.

You cannot explain what this existence means. It can only be felt. If you understand that, an entirely different door opens up to you. You begin to understand by feeling — not through explanations. You begin to understand the preciousness of life, the joy, and the truest responsibility to be in gratitude to the most magnificent power that has made it possible for you to be alive. That’s what it means to be alive. Not doubt. Not confusion. Not pain, not suffering, not misery, not darkness. Not sorrow and lamenting and wishing. Being alive means to be crystal clear.

You have imagined this entire existence and what it means. Day after day after day, this monster that you have created could never survive except that you keep feeding it with explanations. Every day, you have to explain what happened, what it means to be alive. Every day, you have excuses for why you were unable to feel gratitude, why you lived another day unconsciously. And before you know it, you run out of days. And then you finally know without a doubt all that you should have done. But now you don’t have the means to do it! People have explanations for that, too: “Life is cruel.”

Prem Rawat

When you live in the world of explanations, what will you hear? More explanations. And what I am telling you is that more explanations is not what you need. What you need is real water to quench your thirst, not another explanation of water. What you need is real food to satisfy your hunger. Otherwise, you’re going to go hungry from here on out. Satisfying your hunger is not about explanations or ideas or being close to food. If that were the case, hungry people would lean on restaurant walls and be satisfied.

If it won’t work with food, why would it work in the inner realm? Is the hunger for peace an illusion? Or is it real? Is the hunger to be content an illusion? Or is it real? A very good question. And the answer is: It’s not an illusion! It touches every single human being on the face of this earth, and it has been an issue since time immemorial. What people have done is to learn how to evade the issue — not tackle it but evade it.

I tell everyone who will listen to me that you don’t need to evade it. Peace is real, joy is real, contentment is real, and there is a way to get to it. I know. I’ve been talking to people about it for a long time. Don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself.

Somebody told me, “Here is a person who is very independent.” I said, “He is dependent on being independent.” We would all like to be “independent” because we are so dependent on being independent. Another explanation.


We’re drowning in our own explanations. Why do you have so many explanations? You cannot explain it. Who can? Everybody has an explanation. Why are there people dying? People have explanations. Why are there people hungry in this world? People have explanations. But why do you have so many explanations for these things? Nobody knows.

Feel at home in peace, not in confusion. Feel at home in the feeling, not in explanations. Feel at home in your true self.

If you want to be independent, then be independent of confusion. Be independent of doubt. Be independent of all that is not yours. And feel. Feel reality in its magnificence. Not from fear. Because fear is not yours, either. You were made to behold joy. This is what belongs in this vessel, in this human body. This is what it was made for. Not all the other stuff.

Who you listen to is up to you. That’s always your choice. You can listen to the voice inside of you that says, “Everything is wrong.” Or you can listen to the voice that says, “Be. Be free. Be clear. Enjoy this life.”

Many people will tell you that you don’t have a choice. I know you have a choice. Every day that you hear the two voices, you have a choice which one to listen to. You won’t be able to stop hearing them. But which one you pay attention to is up to you. Know. Understand. And be fulfilled. Every day. No excuses. No explanations. Be fulfilled every single day.

When I talk, people say, “I have never heard that explanation before!” I tell them, “This is not an explanation. I’m offering you the real thing.” Feel it. Feel that peace in your life. This is the real thing. The magazine interviewer asked me, “So, do you just go around showing people pictures of wells?” I said, “No, I make sure that their thirst is quenched. This is the possibility that I present.”

— Prem Rawat