Feel That Joy

Audience - Shrine Auditorium

How many people compare themselves with others and say, "I wish I was like this. I wish I was like that. I wish I had this person's house, his car, his child, his wife." Why compare? How do you know he doesn't have problems? But we compare and measure. We want explanations.

You have a garden. Take care of your own garden. You've been taking care of other people's gardens, and the vermin have been eating yours. You can't have that. Take care. Prune. Don't let the weeds get out of hand. Take care of this beautiful garden, this beautiful life you've been given. How? By not finding fault with it, but accepting it. By not comparing it, but admiring it.

If you want to be in that joy, it's simple. Trade explanations for feeling and feel. Feel every day. It's not enough just to go through the motions. We have to get to the place of joy. Let your heart be fulfilled and appreciate what you have. The most fortunate person is the one who is in touch with that harmony and has understood it.


Problems will come. Everyone has problems. Problems have a very sophisticated system: They seek you out; they know where you are and how vulnerable you are. Have you ever noticed that the more vulnerable you are, the bigger your problem? They've got scanners that seek vulnerability. It doesn't matter how good a face you try to put on, "I'm fine, I have everything," it doesn't work. It really doesn't work.

The only thing that works is being able to enjoy the beauty within you. Will that make the problems go away? No. These problems have had billions of years to perfect themselves. They are far more evolved than we are. They've worked on mountains, oceans, bacteria, even dinosaurs. They're good. Can we flex a little muscle and make them go away? No. That won't happen. But we can go someplace where they can't come.

Feel that joy. Feel that simplicity. Feel that beauty within. Feel all that while you are living in this world, doing whatever you have to do. Be filled from the well within.

A lot of people say, "Don't journey through the desert." I never say that. I say, "Go through the desert, but take water with you because you will need it." It's not a matter of making the impossible possible; it is recognizing your own possibility. Contentment in your life is very possible. Recognize it. Understand it. Grow with it every day. There is room for growth. There are some things that never stop growing.


There is no limit to enjoyment. There is no limit to clarity, to joy, to the truest learning. There is no limit to understanding. You can never say, "I understand this too much." Ignorance has a limit, but what limit is there to understanding? Understand every day that there is a beauty you can fill yourself with again and again and again.

Joy is there.

— Prem Rawat