Giving and Receiving

AudienceLife itself is an opportunity—the truest opportunity. We only have one. The breath coming into us—this is the definition of opportunity. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that to keep our focus clear, to remember what is real.

In this vast jungle, it is not necessary to cut down the trees or learn the art of walking through forests and mountains. Do what you have to do. Go over whatever mountains you need to go over. Go around all the trees that you have to go around. Find your way around the rivers, through the gorges. Build your bridges. Do whatever you have to do. Just remember one thing. Remember your direction. If you lose your direction, you'll go around in a big circle.

So often that's what we do. We don't have a built‑in compass. As soon as we lose our direction, we end up making a giant circle and then find ourselves in exactly the same spot we started. For some people, this happens again and again. The first thing to learn from that is that you have lost your direction. You have forgotten your priority in life—to be content.

MaharajiBreath brings a sweet message to you again and again: "Keep your priorities straight and be content in this life. This is what you can achieve; this is what you should do." But there's a whole world out there, barking at you, "Ah, but that's not all. You should do this and you should do that. Make more money. Get better at this and get better at that."

What message is there reminding you what each breath means? Think about the Titanic when it was sinking. As long as the hull was not compromised, the beautifully set tables, the music, and the gourmet food were wonderful. When the hull was compromised, and tables and pianos started shifting, it was a different story. When the chandeliers started coming down, no one was saying, "What a beautiful falling chandelier." All these things had become a liability. It can happen in a flash.

When the priority in life is straight, all these beautiful things are assets. When the basics of life are compromised, everything becomes a liability. What do you want in your life?

We just have to remember that life is a beautiful journey. We need to learn the art of receiving and giving. If you only know how to receive love but not how to give it, you cannot love. If you only know how to give love but not how to receive it, you cannot love. You have to know both. When you do, you will know what love is all about.

If you only know how to receive breath but not give thanks, you will never understand the value of breath. Each breath deserves gratitude. It is a feeling. "Yes. It happened." When you can feel that gratitude, you will truly start receiving in your life.

What is so beautiful about this is that it is happening every day. Receive and give. Give your gratitude and receive the ultimate gift in existence. Learn to receive; learn to give. Learn to understand. Then the cycle flows.

— Prem Rawat