Introduction to You

(Translated from Hindi)


You have heard many introductions in your life, and I, too, want to introduce you to something—not to anyone else, but to yourself.

Who are you? You have a name. If someone calls your name, wherever you are, you look up. The introduction I want to give you doesn’t have your name or face attached to it because you are not all these things. You may think you own the clothes you wear or the roles you play. But really, you are a traveler taking a beautiful journey. What you think is yours is not really yours. One day, you will have to leave this world. What will be left?

I look at pictures of myself when I was one year old, two years old. Where has that child gone? I don’t look like that anymore. Everything has changed, but I am still breathing. I am what I am. The happiness, the peace, that I desired then, I want today. I still want to sleep when I’m tired and eat food when I’m hungry.

So, in one way, everything is changing, but in other ways, nothing is changing. Today, people look at their lives and say, “It should be like this; it should be like that.” Was there ever a time when someone didn’t say how things should be?


You are alive. You can see, you can hear, you can experience this world. A time will come when this body will not work efficiently, and slowly, slowly, the fair of life will be over.

Have you ever seen a fair come to town? It comes with a great bang. Tents are pitched, and structures are put up here and there. Then it’s opened to the public. People come to see the fair, to buy things, to talk with each other, to listen to the music. They come to enjoy. The day this fair is over, nothing will remain of it.

The fair is your life. One day, the fair will be over, and someone else’s fair will be here. Then someone else will come, and someone else will come, and this grinding stone will go on and on. Things will go on changing—this is the nature of this world. If you want to change something, change yourself. Look at yourself and see what you really want.


Everyone needs peace—that is the law. People worry and worry and become old worrying. They worry about everything: “What will happen to me? What will happen tomorrow?” There should only be one worry for a human being—that in their life, they can experience peace, not just for one day, but every day. That’s why it has been said that if you really want to worry, then worry about how to fulfill this life.

Understand the need of your heart and fulfill your life any way you can. All the riches we are looking for are within. The true wealth that will never end is within. And within is the one who can recognize it. Within, the music is playing, the fountain is overflowing. This is your introduction to you. This is who you are. There is a part of you that can be destroyed, but there is also a part of you that cannot be destroyed. This is the "you" that you have been searching for since you were very young.

Your truth is within you. Your true beauty is within you. Look for it. When you find it, accept it and fulfill your life. And if you don’t find it, then come to me. I can help.

— Prem Rawat