Lake of Joy

(translated from Hindi)


Every individual wants to progress in their life. The farmer plows the field, sows the seed, and every year, he hopes that he will have a better crop. We hope for some kind of progress in our life. What do we have to do for this progress?

In this world, there is no shortage of people who will give you advice, but it is all just words. It is not practical. What I say is words, but if you want, you can have progress in your life—practically. If just by saying “money, money, money,” a person could become rich, there would be no trace of poverty. But no one becomes rich that way; a person has to work hard. If a person wants peace in their life, chanting “peace, peace, peace” won’t bring peace. They will have to find something that can actually help them experience peace.

To experience the supreme joy in one’s life is the best thing, and not to experience it is the worst thing. It is like a person who is thirsty, goes to a well with flowers around it, plucks the flowers, and goes back. He did not do the one thing he had actually come for. If he did not drink the water, he will keep feeling thirsty.

Prem Rawat /Maharaji

Whatever you do, you do it for joy. Within every human being, there is a voice—a desire to be fulfilled, to experience supreme joy. Why do you feel nice when you look at something beautiful? The work of eyes is to see, but where did that nice feeling come from? When you smell something nice, you feel nice. Where did this “bad” or “good” come from?

Everything has a law. The human being has just one law—the law of good. You need something good, something nice. You want something that gives joy. When you experience that supreme joy, your life will be filled with joy.

What is it that makes a human being dance? If you tell someone, “Your car has been stolen,” he won’t dance. But when a person is filled with joy from within, he starts dancing. And it is the kind of dance he can keep on dancing throughout his life.

People think you need to experience peace just once. Do you need to eat only once, as well? Do you need to sleep only one night? No. You have to sleep every night. You have to eat every day. The day you don’t, you will feel hungry. The same is true of peace: you have to experience peace every day. Whenever you need it, you can turn within and experience that peace, that joy. Without dancing, you start dancing within.


Start understanding what is within you. When you experience it, you won’t need questions. Without experiencing, all you have are questions: “Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?”

Every individual has been given the gift of life and can experience peace. This world will not give you peace. The only thing that this world can give you is unrest.

Look for peace. Wherever you find it, it’s good. And if you can’t find it, come to me. I have a lake full of joy. I invite only those who are thirsty. Jump in that lake, swim, drink, and fulfill your life. When there is sorrow in your life, remember that within you there is a mine of joy. If you think you are poor, there is a goldmine of joy within you. All you need to do is dig. You can dig as much as you want. There will never be a shortage.

These are not just words. I stand behind every word. I can take you from the ocean of questions and put you in the ocean of answers. If you want, you can experience that in your life. If you are thirsty, I have a lake. The thirsty need water, and I have water.

— Prem Rawat