Living Without Fear

Prem Rawat / Maharaji

Many times we go to places that we feel are holy or sacred. What I want to talk about is the most sacred place that lies within inside everyone. Because of that place, we are who we are. Because of that place, the most amazing gift has been made possible—the gift that we are alive. 

We all judge our lives by what happens, by what is going on around us—and that is always changing. We are very concerned about these changes. Some people say, “Changes are good.” They’ve read the books. But it isn’t always so. Changes are good if they are according to your plan and happen with your timing—not abruptly. Changes are good if the end result is to your liking. To give some perspective on this, remember that change has always happened as far back as our earliest human ancestors.

Prem Rawat

For our ancestors who climbed trees when they were afraid of all the animals that wanted to eat them, change was not seen as good. They wanted to start the day alive, still be alive when they went to sleep, and then wake up still alive. That was what was good. It must have been terrifying. Slowly they made a change into the caves, and this brought its own set of problems. They had to be careful the cave was not already occupied.

Today, the way we think is what has changed the fastest. We have become very good at reasoning, and we have our beliefs. There was a time things had to be factual, and knowing had to be very real. You had to know, not just believe. We have traded knowing for belief. “I think I have enough gas to get there,” but you don’t know you are going to get lost.

You don’t have to go around just believing. You don’t have to be stuck with reasoning. You can know. The question is, as a human being, what do you choose in your life? Being unconscious is a choice, and being conscious is a choice. It actually takes the same amount of effort to be unconscious or conscious. You may think that being unconscious actually conserves energy, but it doesn’t because of the consequences. What are the consequences? Pain and suffering. If you have suffered, you know how much energy it takes. You can’t sleep, and it costs a tremendous amount of money. You have to have tissues, you have to buy books, you have to make phone calls. You have to try to find some relief from this agonizing suffering.


Consciousness may seem to take a little more energy, but it actually doesn’t because you’re happy. Happiness doesn’t cost anything. Everything about happiness is free. When you’re happy, it’s like, “Do I have to call somebody? Do I have to do this or that?” No, you just relax. Everything is gorgeous.

You want to be free, but you have forgotten what it feels like to be free. You want to understand, but you have forgotten how to understand. And what happens? That which is the most precious is disregarded. I’m talking about this breath. It’s the most precious. But because it is so abundant, you disregard it.

Don’t, in your life, abandon know-how. Drop for drop, ounce for ounce, there is no substitute for knowing.

The feeling of joy, the feeling of contentment, the feeling of peace, the feeling of being in love—when a human being is in love, there is a fullness inside. When a human being is content because they have felt the peace within them, it surpasses all reasoned descriptions of heaven. That’s pure heaven. It dances on a person’s face, and it’s unmistakable.

Prem Rawat

When the heart finally feels full, the human being becomes content. The now becomes endless, the breath becomes precious, and all is put together perfectly. Then you begin to see perfection because the fog is gone. All that was dark, hidden, is illuminated, and you can see. And because you can see, there is no fear.

Do you know what it is like to be without fear? You don’t have to be in fear; you can have that feeling in you—clarity, true heaven. To know. You don’t ever have to be with the unknown. You don’t have to rely on reasoning. You don’t have to rely on beliefs.

That’s the possibility. Choose wisely this beautiful option every day. How kind. How gentle. How beautiful. How elegant.

— Prem Rawat