Love That Which Is Within

Prem Rawat

I was driving recently in a place where there were mango trees, palm trees, and pine trees. And I started thinking, if somebody were to shape a mango tree so that it looked like a palm tree, would it change its nature? Would it start giving dates? No. You can try to change its appearance, but you cannot change its nature.

Yet, sometimes we think that if we can change our appearance, we will change our nature. We give ourselves labels: I’m a father, mother, son, doctor, lawyer. But who are we?

On one hand, we seem to have the potential to move mountains, go to the moon, create huge cities, and we try to alter nature. We seem to know so much about so many things. But when it comes to us, to our nature, we have no idea. Who are we?

I raise these questions because the answer, surprisingly enough, is beautiful. When we look for our truest nature, we will find that there is peace, understanding. There is the truest love.

Prem Rawat

Do you know that wherever you go, whatever you do, there is love in you, and there is hate in you? There is pain in you, and there is joy in you. Do not be under the misunderstanding that the love is in someone else. No, love is in you.

There are catalysts. Today, they spark love in you; tomorrow, they could spark hate in you. But when you are in pain, joy is really close. When you are confused, absolute clarity is not that far away. When you are lost, being found is very close. When you are suffering, relief is as close as it can be. And in this world, the one that we are looking for is always within us—not where we think, but inside.

Have you searched for that which has always been within you? You have searched outside, but have you searched inside? This is why my message is so different, because everybody points outside; I point inside. I say: what you need, you already have.

People want a magic formula. We have faster chariots, better forms of communication, big houses, but we still don’t have peace. And the request for peace has been there as long as there have been human beings. This is the accomplishment that has to happen. There has to be peace. No exceptions. No excuses. The time has come to stop making excuses.


This is where peace begins. It doesn’t begin with big buildings or with big government. Unrest begins with you, and peace begins with you, with every single human being on the face of this earth. It is not the palm trees that need peace; it is not the whales that need peace; it is not the North Pole that needs peace; and it is not the equator that needs peace. We, the human beings, we are the ones who need peace.

Search. Whatever it takes, find peace in your life. This is what’s important. If you cannot find peace, come to me. I can help. As one human being to another, one to one, I go to people and say, “If you need this, here it is.”

Understand your true nature. Understand what this life is. Understand what you have been given because it is magnificent. Be in love with this life, which means see the good in this life of yours.

If you want to be in love, begin by loving each breath. Begin by falling in love with understanding, with clarity, with the truest sincerity. These are the angels in your life. When all is dark, they come—all lit, graceful, beautiful with clarity. One second of clarity, and all the darkness vaporizes. Don’t try to remove the darkness—it won’t work. All you have to do is usher in the light. Fall in love with living. Fall in love with that which is within you.

— Prem Rawat