Making a Difference


I have traveled the world many times speaking about peace. And people ask me, “How is peace going to be possible?” I tell them, “Maybe you have ten reasons why peace is not possible: There is too much greed. There are too many people who are hungry. I have 6.7 billion reasons why there should be peace on this earth—6.7 billion being the population of this earth, approximately.”

I have the same interest you do, the same quest as you, the same dream as you. And we, the people, can make the difference for peace on this earth.

We have relied on institutions long enough. Institutions can bring us prosperity—ways to flourish on the outside. But when it comes to feeling the peace on the inside, this remains our responsibility. I have gone from village to village. I have seen the poor, and I have seen the rich. These are society’s differences, the glasses they give us that say, “Look at me. I am rich; I am poor. I am tall; I am short. I am a woman; I am a man. I am educated; I am not educated.”

These divisions have pushed people further away from each other, not brought them together. Look at the condition of this world. There are more educated people today than there have ever been. And look what that has brought. If the solution lies anywhere, it is, and has always been, inside of us. It is incumbent upon human beings to bring peace, to bring kindness to each other.

Prem Rawat

Peace and the quest for peace will persevere. You are the little seeds that, when they germinate, carry on the cause of peace in this world.

What is peace? People think, “If everybody had food, then we would have peace.” Excuse me. Who creates food? Do people create food? No. We can sow the seeds. Nature does the work. Nature grows the trees and the fruit. Is nature partial to what language you speak? Is nature partial to any of the divisions that we have created? No. Can the people of this world be fed? Yes. What does it take? Kindness.

There is a saying: “If you are strong, you should be kind. If you are smart, you should be simple. If you are wealthy, you should be humble.” I agree. The kindness that needs to exist is in the heart of people, but skepticism hides that kindness.

Some people say, “If all the children were taken care of, there would be peace.” God takes care of that child for nine months in the womb. That’s not where the problem begins. It’s when the child comes into our world. Nine months—food, water, sleep—everything is perfectly taken care of.

I am not here to give you peace. I am here to put the idea in your head that peace exists inside of you. Start thinking, that’s all. The thirsty will find the water, because they have the thirst. But if there is no thirst, they could be standing next to a lake, and it won’t make any difference whatsoever.


I am saying, “Let us know the dream of our heart to have that crystal clear water.” Everybody can not only drink from it but bathe in it. This is the dream; this is the possibility. One step at a time. 

People come to me and say, “Give me some peace!” How can I give you what you already have? You have that peace inside of you. The attitude that needs to change is: Is peace a possibility or not? This is what you have to decide. I have decided for myself. Yes, peace is a possibility. The drums of peace have been ringing on this earth for a very, very long time.

Your strength lies in understanding your thirst, your need to be in that joy, to be in that happiness. There is a dimension inside of you that is greater than all that you see on the outside. You are more than the sum of all the bad that happens in your life. Peace is inside of you even in turmoil, and you can experience that peace. It begins with understanding your thirst for it.

— Prem Rawat