One with the Heart

IRCC amphitheaterA lot of people talk about the past. And yes, there have been great times, but the past wasn’t better than today. We just have to see how fortunate we are to be here, keep our eyes open and see what’s happening now, because it is incredibly exciting.

Come from a simple place in your life. When you recognize the thing that is within you that has made its temple inside of you, then you will begin to understand the value of being human. That temple is in the heart of every human being, and it exists within you. Don’t paint it red; don’t paint it green. Don’t stick a statue in it. It’s not worth it.

The value is in being alive and recognizing that. Sainthood is for people who have died. We are alive now. Feel the triumph in your life. That’s all that matters. It’s a matter of understanding. If someone were a saint, that person would be recognized for their gratitude, their understanding, their fulfillment.

In this life, we need to understand our selves. Life is thrusting us to move forward every single day. Life is transforming us. That’s the challenge. That’s what is being offered—to keep evolving, to shine.

MaharajiA lot of people focus on their troubles and problems. If we could only look at ourselves and see that something has protected us and saved us again and again. Even if it is just for a fraction of a second that we are reminded what is important in life, that’s enough.

Everybody is taking a journey. I look at each person’s face and everybody has a story to tell. Every wrinkle has a story to tell. Every tear has a story to tell. Every smile has a story to tell. Every person has a story to tell. They really do. Their expression of what they are feeling in their lives tells a story.

Be with this gift of life, of understanding, and we’ll fight whatever fight there is to fight. We’re not going to go looking for darkness, but if it comes, we’ll light so many lamps it won’t know where to be. That’s what we have: we don’t have swords, but we’ve got lamps and we’ll light them. Confusion and doubt don’t have to come in our lives. That’s the possibility.

Listening to MaharajiI’m not saying that we never get confused. But the possibility exists that we don’t have to be confused. There doesn’t have to be doubt. As we live and exist, life can be experienced in its true purity, its true beauty, without all the chaos and the drama. Life is saying, “Come across the river, and you don’t have to get wet. You don’t have to fall in the river. Enjoy the ride.”

If you’ve taken that challenge in your life to be fulfilled, see it through. It takes the same amount of energy to doubt your experience as it does to experience it. Fall in love with what your heart wants you to do. Synchronize with it. Get together with your heart. Make that heart and you a team. When we become a team with confusion and doubt, we don’t get anywhere. Though they promise us that we will win every game, we lose every game. Get together with the heart. When the heart and you have become a team, that's incredible. So stay with it. It’s important.

The doors are open. This is a very specific training. It is a training to take the most advantage of every breath. This is not somebody coming along and delivering a written speech. No. There’s a lot more to this.

Be with yourself and enjoy this life. Keep the focus because you can go really far. I’m very proud of those people who make an effort to be fulfilled. Very, very proud.

— Prem Rawat