Peace Is Possible


There is a story of a man who loved parrots and wanted to raise special ones. So he bought three parrot eggs, and as they grew, he taught them music, physics, and mathematical formulas. When they were older, they could recite these formulas and quack Beethoven’s symphony perfectly. But one day the man died, and someone put them in a tree outside. They crawled up the branches, looking around their new home.

Then they saw another parrot and said to him, “We know everything. We can recite this formula and that formula.” The other parrot saw a cat approaching and said, “Do you know how to fly?” “Of course we know how to fly. When pressure is created at the bottom of the wing, and there is low pressure at the top, we can fly.” He said, “No, not the formula—do you really know how to fly?” “But we know so much, what difference could it make?” “The one thing you don’t know you really do need to know, and because you don’t know that, all you know isn’t going to do you any good.”

Maharaji at the United Nations Association of Malaysia

What is the significance of this story? The significance is that we have accomplished a lot in this world, but if we haven’t accomplished the one thing that is so fundamental to us, all that we have accomplished isn’t going to help us.

People are crying out for peace. Peace is not a luxury. Peace is as important as breathing air, eating food, and having shelter, because it is the fundamental necessity of every heart on the face of this earth. Peace is not a new concept. As long as there have been wars, there has been a voice that has called out again and again for peace. True peace, real peace—a peace that is experienced by every individual.

Peace is our foundation, but we have not discovered it. We have learned the technology to go to the moon, but we haven’t explored the inner self. This is where you will find your peace. This is where you will find the reality that is with you wherever you go.

Peace begins with every individual and with the recognition of this heart, this life, this existence. We have always known that. It is time to stop hiding from the reality and open the gate for everyone to fulfill their fundamental wish for peace. This is our time.

Maharaji at the United Nations Association of Malaysia

Remember one thing: if human beings can start wars, they surely can make peace. There is no “they” that will bring peace to us. Peace is not going to come in a package or a box. Peace is not going to come as rain from the heavens. The possibility of peace has already been given to every human being on earth.

We have to discover it—discover within the need for peace—and then create an environment where people can be free to feel that peace in their lives.

It begins with each one of us. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. It will happen one step at a time, and that one step begins with you. If you can take that first step in your life, you can complete the journey of a thousand miles. And yes, peace is possible.

— Prem Rawat