Prem Rawat at the Habitat Center- India

Habitat Center - Indoa"What I have come to talk about today is very simple—it is the one thing that our heart is looking for.  I don't assume that people are looking for peace.   Many people tackle their responsibilities, manage their businesses, spend time with their family, and they are quite content with that. But whether people are looking for peace or not, their heart is looking for peace.

So many people are trying to make sure that nothing bad happens to them. They go to great lengths. But good and bad is the law as long as we are alive. Good will happen; bad will happen. Right will happen; wrong will happen. It's like a wheel that goes around and around. But in the good, we can know the source of peace, and in the bad, we can still know the source of peace.

Success and failure are so close together. No success is far from failure, and no failure is far from success. There's a very fine line between darkness and light, sadness and joy, good and bad. They're all neighbors. But if we can understand that in our darkness, light is right there and that in our sorrow, joy is right there, then the only thing remaining is for the bird within to be able to stretch its wings and fly.

Maharaji at the Habitat CenterBreath comes and it goes. And when it comes, it brings everything. It makes the trees green and the sky blue. And it fills us with the most precious thing there is, called life. Because it comes, I am a husband, an uncle, a father, a friend. And when it stops coming, I'm not a husband, an uncle, a father, or a friend. I am nothing.

Habitat Center - IndiaAnd when it comes, not only does it bring all those things, but it brings something else that is priceless: It brings joy. It brings peace. It brings not what my mind desires, but what my heart desires. The thirst is innately within me, wanting to know, wanting to be content. Ten thousand solutions and one that is simply pounding, pounding in my heart to be content.

Everything has been given to us, everything we could possibly want. It's already there. That's the possibility. That's what can happen. That's what I facilitate for people who want peace in their lives."

— Prem Rawat