Rich Beyond Belief


Spring is here, and after the winter comes the season that brings life. Another expression of things awakening. Spring needs to come in our lives, too, because we are on this earth. This earth is incredibly unique. There’s nothing like it for millions and millions of light years.

You’re set loose on this journey of life. What do you have? What are your tools? So simple. A want to be happy. You may not think of it as a tool, but it’s one of the most important tools. A want to be content in every single human being. They are beautiful if we really understand them to be our assets—not weaknesses.

We search, but we don’t know what we are searching for. We know what we are dis-attracted to. We know about our distractions, but we don’t know what we are attracted to.

What is your nature? We have so many ideas, “I have to do this, I have to get this done, this is my responsibility, I am this, I have to have this, I want to move forward in my life….”

And there is a definition of what it means to move forward. There are bullet points saying, “You must accomplish this and this, and then you have made it.” The question is: Who has made it? A lot of people say, “I think I’ve made it,” and the next thing you know, they’re going through hell. We say, “I want to make it, I want to be there, I want it to be this way.”

In the process, we find ourselves hungry and poor—hungering for we don’t know what. I’m not talking about food, but being hungry for it to be good, to be right. And then we find ourselves poor—in all the things we don’t have. People say, “I wish I could fly a plane, I wish I could paint like that, I wish I could sing like that, play like that.” The two conditions—poor and hungry—not good in this world.

Prem Rawat

A 14th century poet, Kabir, says, “No one is hungry and no one is poor. Everyone is rich beyond belief.” Everyone has an incredible package with them, but they haven’t opened it. That is why they have nothing. He is addressing human beings on this earth making the journey we have been on for so many centuries.

The purpose of your existence and what you could accomplish in this world should not be confused with each other. When the heart is full, there is a simplicity. There is a clarity in life. What is the one thing that satisfies my heart? When do I feel alive? Feel alive?

It’s not about figuring out. It’s about feeling. Feel. Falling in love has to be felt. To feel alive, to feel true, to feel as unique as you are. Your life. Not somebody else’s life, not somebody else’s biography. Your life. You.

Who are you? Are you a being that has felt your heart and bathed in that contentment, bathed in that understanding, that silence, that tranquility? Jumped into the ocean of serenity and felt cleansed, felt renewed, felt fresh? Or do you feel the dirt of all the confusion on you—sticky, dirty, gritty? What do you feel?

What I offer is the possibility of being cleansed, of being fresh without that grit and dirt. It’s not how it got there, but that you can get it off. That’s the point of it. People say, “Let me figure out a way to avoid it.” They’ve been trying to do that for a really, really long time. It’s not about figuring it out. It is about feeling. It is about taking that bath in the crystal clear waters of clarity. Jump in! Bathe. Be cleansed and feel free. Feel freedom.


You are unique on a unique planet. This is what makes everything so special. No two moments are alike. Here you are. You don’t know what’s going on out there. It is hostile. The day you start feeling sorry for yourself, think of this: There are solar storms that hit this earth with such ferocity that, had it not been for our atmosphere and a magnetic core the earth has, there would be nothing left. That thin air above you is protecting you.

Be in awe of this existence. Be in awe of this breath. Be in awe of this life instead of the long list of everything that is wrong in your life.

I go place to place and tell people about that package that you have been given—an interesting package that has everything in it. Nobody is hungry, nobody is a beggar. Everybody is rich beyond belief.

Read your own book. Your book. Your heart. Feeling lonely? You should never feel lonely because you’re never alone. Always, wherever you go, your best friend comes along—in good times and bad times till the very end. Form a relationship with that friend. That’s what needs to be.

— Prem Rawat