Saving the Best for Last

Prem Rawat

What I do is to remind people of something they already know. If you think about it, it is those things we know that we put aside. It is amazing how, in our lives, we save all that is good for last. Who came up with that idea?

Life is not like that. Life is a beautiful journey that takes place every day. It is calling you. It wants you to participate with it, not away from it—to actively accept every single gift placed before you every moment. Without judgment of good and bad, right and wrong.

In times of trouble, we forget the most important thing. The possibility of being in peace—am I saving it for last? If I am, a change of plans is required. I need to experience that peace every single day I am alive.

I go around the world talking about peace, and I have understood one thing: people don’t even know what it is. Peace is not some abstract concept. Peace is a feeling; peace is real. It isn’t about a flower giving off a blue hue. It is about a feeling inside of you.

Prem Rawat

Your life, your breath, your existence, is good. It has been given to you. Don’t ever become suspicious of the giver of this breath and say, “I wonder why he gave me this breath? I wonder what his motive was?” The motive was kindness. Kindness.

We have forgotten what kindness is. Somebody replaces our tire, and we say that’s kindness. We could have done it ourselves. Kindness is something beautiful. Kindness is exercised every single day as this breath comes into you, as your life unfolds. Belong. Be. Exist. Understand. Admire. Be filled with gratitude. If you’re going to be filled with something—and most of us are full of something—it may as well be gratitude and understanding, because that will go a long way. It always does go a long way in making something wonderful happen.

You know that peace is beautiful, but now the time has come to actually feel that peace in your life. It’s about us—the human beings on the face of this earth. We need peace.

Prem Rawat

There is the heart that inspires us, moves us for that peace, that clarity, that understanding in our lives. The heart has been telling us since childhood to be happy, to be content, to be fulfilled, and that is what is important. Somehow, through all the theory, we have said, “Peace, happiness—it is an important thing. I’ll save it for last.”

Please, don’t do that. Begin, in your life, with the simple steps of understanding. This is your time to begin to understand, to start to realize that all you ever want, you have. You have freedom within you.

So what can I offer you when you already have all that you need within you? A mirror. What could I possibly give to someone who is truly beautiful? A mirror so they can see what I see every day.

— Prem Rawat