Savoring Peace


What I have to say is really quite simple because it deals with every individual. I go around the world telling people that they are alive and that’s what means the most. And it needs to mean the most to you. You, yourself, need to understand the preciousness of your existence.

Peace begins with the understanding of what we have been given—this life. This existence needs to mean something. When it means nothing, human life—the one thing that is irreplaceable—has lost its value. Causes become greater than life itself, and life becomes a meaningless commodity in this great market where things are being traded all the time.

Today the sun rose, and you awoke. What did you think about? Your responsibilities. How do I know this? Because that’s what we all do. I’m not excluding myself. I need peace, too, like you. I am in the same boat as you are, and that’s what qualifies me to talk about it. If I were in some other boat, it would just be ideas and theories, but I am in the same boat.

Maharaji a

You hear about the frailty of life. Yesterday, somebody told me that a very good friend of mine passed away. I stopped and thought about it. And I understood in that moment—once again—how precious life is and that no day can be wasted. I understood once again that, of all the gifts I have been given, the greatest is the breath that comes into me every moment.

Every day is like one lifetime: the sun rises and I am born. All these things happen. Some things happen that I am in control of, and some things happen that I am not in control of. Some things happen that I like; some things happen that I don’t like. But whether good or bad, right or wrong things happen, the sun does set again, the eyes close, and I fall asleep.

I want peace every day. This is my ambition. Everyone has their definition of what they are looking for, and they look in so many places for the one thing that is within. What we’re looking for is happiness, what we’re looking for is contentment and the avenues to get to it. So we search, and we search, and we do what is necessary. And in all our searching and all our doing—who do we forget? Ourselves.


Whatever the equation is that you have created, please include yourself in it, because without you, without your heart, without peace in your life, there can never ever be peace in the world. The solution lies within—in understanding that, yes, peace is a possibility. Peace begins with you. Peace is possible for you. Yours is this life—the gift you have been given. Awaken and accept it.

You are a tourist, and you have come here on an incredible vacation. What are you doing? Are you enjoying this existence in its truest sense? Or are you busy saying, “Let me fix the carpets, the walls, the window. Once I am through with this, I will really enjoy my vacation.” By the time you fix all that, the vacation will be over.

— Prem Rawat