The Greatest Gift


In this world, everyone has a different idea of what peace is. To someone, peace is when countries stop fighting, or when their neighbor is quiet, or Sunday morning when there is no traffic, or when the sun comes out and the birds start singing.

Let me tell you about a peace that is not bound by definitions, that is not outside. Outside everyone is screaming, “This is what’s important. This is what’s important.” There was a time when the only thing that was important to you was what you felt from within—the want to be content that is so innate and fundamental. Even if your mother or father said, “Be quiet,” you cried because you had a need. When that need was fulfilled, you were fine.
Maharaji a

In my life, I want to feel joy, contentment, just like that child. Today, so much has come between me and that contentment, that simplicity, that beauty. And no one threw it at me; I invited it. I need to see clearly who I am. My desire for peace has to be crystal clear every single day. Nothing can come between that and what I feel. My heart is saying to me: Be content. This is a journey. You have come here. You are dancing, moving, seeing, thinking, experiencing. And one day, all of this will be no more.

Enjoy this time that you have—not in a fake way, but in the real sense. Not to say, “Look what I have,” but, “Look what I have discovered.” Discover what already exists within.

I talk about our similarity, not our differences—the thirst of the heart that is the same for every single human being. I have traveled this earth many times, and I have never come across anything called “the world.” I have only come across people. This is who we are. We are this moving miracle, this dancing miracle—the miracle of all miracles.

Maharaji a

You want to hear about a miracle? You are a miracle. In you comes this breath that is the kiss of the Creator coming into you, touching you, bringing you life. Life is the magic that allows you to see, to hear, to feel, to think, to smile, to be, and to feel happiness, joy, peace.

Peace is looking for you. Are you looking for peace? This is not coincidence or imagination. It has to be real, and peace has to be felt.

People say, “Isn’t that selfish?” Is enjoying the sunrise selfish because the joy of the sunrise is within me? Is happiness selfish? When a baby smiles, is that selfish? Which grandmother, mother, or father thinks it’s selfish when their little baby waddles up to them and gives them a big hug and kiss? That’s not selfish. “Ah, he kissed me. He came to me!”

In the same way, this breath came and touched me. I embrace it back and feel the gratitude. When the heart is full, there is gratitude.

In your life, allow yourself to feel peace, to be filled with gratitude. Unwrap what you have been given—a gift you haven’t opened for a long time. It’s about you—your journey, your ship, your boat on this ocean. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, the time has come to open the greatest gift of all.

— Prem Rawat