The Land of Possibilities

Prem Rawat

I once heard that when birds chirp, all they’re doing is claiming their territory. “This is mine, this is mine, go away, this is mine.” Then it changes. “Is someone out there? I’m looking for a mate.” And then all of a sudden, they are silent because they’re busy eating. Then they take a little nap, and then it all begins again. They have a little more food and then, “This is mine, this is mine, this is mine.” Then they go to sleep for the night.

Do we go through the same motions? “This is mine, this is mine, this is mine. My day, this is what I have to do, what I have to accomplish. My schedules, my email, my this, my that.”

What is our possibility? Those who have been given this human body can experience peace, can experience the ultimate joy. The possibility we have is to be able to be content, and more than that, to be in gratitude.
Prem Rawat

We have been given an infinite possibility, and with that infinite possibility, the time to materialize it—the time to make it real, to experience it, to be fulfilled. To get lost is a possibility, and to have peace is also a possibility. To understand is a possibility, and not to understand is a possibility.

What do we do with that possibility? We go off on tangents. We need peace in our lives. What have we done to achieve it? We think that, somehow, peace is going to happen, and then it will be there for everybody. But nobody can say that since lunchtime ends at 1:00, that means everybody has been fed. That’s not how it works. Only those people who have had food will no longer be hungry. Those who have not had food, regardless of the time, will be hungry. Just because a well has been dug somewhere does not take away everybody’s thirst. Only those people who have had the benefit of drinking water will have their thirst quenched. It doesn’t work any other way. It is a personal experience.
Prem Rawat

Why do people say countries need peace? Does a country need peace or do people need peace? Our euphoric idea of peace may not be possible, but that every human being on the face of this earth can experience peace—that is possible. Why? Because the peace I am talking about already exists within. That is the only reason it is possible. It is not a question of distribution. The thirst for peace exists within, and peace exists within. Nothing has to be manufactured. If there was a machine that manufactured peace, can you imagine trying to carry it from country to country? Going through customs?

All you need to do is turn within and accept the possibility you have been given. Every day. We think that once you have peace, that’s it. No. Is it that way with breath? Do you get credit for all the years you have taken a breath? No. You need to breathe, and you need to make that effort every day, every moment.

— Prem Rawat