The Most Incredible Dream


I’m here to remind you what is important. It is important because it is important. Then there are those things we give importance to because they are not important. A tremendous amount of support has to be found to give importance to those things, because in your heart of hearts you know they’re not important.

So what is important? What is important by its very nature? It begins with the most beautiful gift you have been given: the gift of existence. If this life were an instrument, when placed in the right hands, with passion and knowledge, this instrument would produce the most enchanting melody that would move anyone who heard it. But the most tuned instrument in the hands of somebody who does not know how to play it will make a lot of noise that sounds like scratching.

Do you have a role to play in making this instrument sound incredible? Yes, you do. For the instrument which is me, I’m responsible. For the instrument that is you, you are responsible. Somebody comes and sees a potential that this existence is perfect—it’s not dented, broken, corroded; it’s perfect. And when this person says, “I see something that’s not imperfect; it’s perfect,” there will be arguments: “How can it be? Look at this. It is not possible.”

In your life, what do you see? What do you dream of? Do you dream of contentment, of peace, of fulfillment, of joy? Do you dream of a passion? Do you dream of that perfect melody? Or do you dream of a two-story house and a cute little pudgy dog that gets along with a grey cat? That’s it?

Prem Rawat

Have you encouraged that passion in your life? It is extremely important to nurture in your life what you hold precious. Ask a farmer; that’s how it works. If you nurture joy, your fields will be filled with joy. If you nurture serenity, your fields will be filled with serenity.

Then this life starts to become a beautiful dance, because it is a beautiful dance when you give it the freedom to express what this life wants to express, when this heart can be filled with gratitude and not pretense.

Freedom is being able to express your heart, to accept today. Freedom is being able to say thank you that you are alive. That is freedom. And the truest of all freedoms, no one—but no one—can take away from you.

So, what is your expression of your existence? What is it like for you? You wish peace and goodwill to others. Have you wished peace for yourself?

If you want to shine for a lifetime, it begins with every day, every hour, every minute. Consciousness—to be conscious that you are alive, that you exist. The most incredible dream, the most incredible wish anyone could wish for, has come true. Tragedy should not be your teacher; let consciousness be your teacher. You can awaken every day with admiration and a full heart. These are the possibilities. This is when you sound melodic—not scratchy, melodic.

Maharaji / Prem Rawat

Beneath the whole facade of this world, this is what is going on: the simplest of wishes to be happy. How wonderful is this realm of joy, of peace, of fulfillment. How fortunate are those who walk in the company of peace, of joy, of fulfillment, of truth.

Coming and going keep happening on the face of this earth. Trillions have come; trillions will go. There’ll be new problems, new things, old things. There’ll be memories, memoirs, history. There’ll be lies, and people will want truth. There will be someone who will try to define what truth is. And then there’ll be the ones who say, “Feel the truth in your life.”

In your life, you have so much if you have peace. It is not automatic; you have to work for it. If you want peace in your life, if you want serenity, it is very, very possible, but you’ll have to garner it.

I say to people, “Take a little time out in your life for you.” How beautiful is it that you can be content, that you are alive, and reality dances within you. The most important thing is don’t let the dream stop. The biggest mistake people make is they stop dreaming. It’s not about being old; it’s stopping to dream. When you were young, all you did was dream. Don’t ever stop dreaming. Dreams are free.

Anything is possible. The joy, the love, the feeling, the understanding, is truly possible in your life. It is. How beautiful to be able to say this, and I will say it again and again for as long as I am around. When I was young, I had so many dreams. They all came true. There are people all around the world enjoying this peace. And yet, I can’t stop dreaming. The next dream will be much bigger, more spectacular. The possibilities are endless.

And the dream continues to unfold. Part of that dream is that it also unfolds for each one of you—that you find that joy, that happiness in your life. That is what I’ve been working on. That is what I do.

— Prem Rawat