The Reality of You

(translated from Hindi)

Prem Rawat / Maharaji

What I say to everyone is very simple: You were born. You have come in this world. People ask, “When I leave, where will I go?” They can talk about this for hours, but no one knows.

I talk about the peace, the fulfillment that is within you now. Go wherever you want to, but know that. If you don’t, an inner thirst will not be quenched. If you do not recognize yourself—the reality of you—what is there? It is because of this that you have all your friends and relationships.

That fulfillment is the same for everyone. It is not related to any religion, caste, creed. There is no difference between you and me. You are a human being; I am a human being. The human body that we have is not the gift of a government. It is the gift of the Creator, and it has been given to everyone.

Open your eyes and see. The truth is that you can fill your life with happiness now, a happiness that will not go up and down, but will always remain the same. Whenever you are thirsty, you can go within and quench your thirst.

Prem Rawat /Maharaji

Until we recognize that the real peace is within, we are here but don’t know why. We have questions: “Why have I come here? What am I doing here? Am I doing it right?” It’s like a driver who doesn’t know where he is going. But you are the driver of this bus of life. You have been given the key, and you cannot give it to anyone else. You cannot even give one breath, one moment, to anyone.

What is it that can bring real happiness in your life? What is the thirst that has been there within you since childhood? I travel to different places and tell people: Try and understand yourself. Something is there within you to give you happiness. What you have always been waiting for is dancing in you. Know that. Recognize that. It came when you took your first breath, and it will be there until you take your last breath.

Look for your thirst, and when you find it, I’ll give you water. Until you recognize your thirst, you won’t be able to understand what water means. People who are not thirsty talk about the cost of the water, where it has come from, the bottle it comes in, and the label. When you are thirsty, nothing else is required.


I am not here to tell you what you don’t have in your life. Try and know what you do have. If you want to know, it’s possible. If you really have the thirst and have recognized it, then you can know. The thirst is within you, and the water is also there within you. You just need the desire for it. The day you have that, your eyes will start opening, and you will understand how fortunate you are.

Know yourself. If you want to know what is there within yourself, you can understand it. That’s possible. You have the possibility for all things. You have the possibility to recognize. And you have the possibility to know yourself.

There are your responsibilities in this world, but there is also your responsibility to make your life fulfilled. You can fulfill your life. You need water. Look for it—wherever you can. If you don’t find it, then come to me. If you need help, I am here. Whatever you want to do, do it now.

— Prem Rawat