The Success Story

Prem Rawat in San Diego, California

There is the possibility that one little understanding can change the whole equation of life for you. This life can actually become a joy—not tedious, not living in bewilderment, not trying to duck—but making every day meaningful, filled with gratitude.

A lot of people may think that’s a challenge. It’s not. Because it is not a process of creating something. It’s putting things back where they belong. Things have gotten so mumble-jumbled. What is the key? Place the self above everything that goes on during your day.

I’m not talking about being selfish or the self that says, “I need to be in front of the line.” That’s not placing the self first. That’s being arrogant. The self I am talking about is that which you are, by whose presence you exist and without which you are nothing. You place everything else above that self. And what are the consequences? Confusion, doubt, wondering, coping, trying to explain.

Prem Rawat

Do you know how much time people spend trying to explain everything that happens? “This is why I got the parking ticket, why my tire went flat, why I lost my keys, why I don’t have a good job, why I lost my promotion, why this happened.” So many explanations.

People today are more content with explanations than with reality. How often do they say, “I can change that. It’s not about losing my keys, getting the flat tire, getting a ticket. It’s not about things going according to my plan or not. But something else is taking place. I am alive.”

One day you will have to go. Don’t look for immortality. Look for the immortal. What is immortal? Can we even imagine what is immortal? No. It’s just a definition—something that never dies. Well, what is it that never dies? Everything that the eyes see will go. One day, the sun and the Earth will vanish. Once they weren’t. And one day, they’ll be gone.

That’s the nature of all that you see. All that you thought is permanent never was. It just pretended to be, and you wanted to believe it, desperately. Do not be saddened by this, but awaken. That’s the point.


You have learned to trust. That’s all you can do. Bank on the kindness. Trust that there is a kindness. That somehow, whatever you go through, whatever happens, it will turn out okay. You are alive. And you have a choice: you can either get frustrated, bewildered, sink in the deep hole of doubt, or you can understand.

Life is a powerful thing. The desire to be fulfilled, to be in peace, is powerful. In these things, I trust. In these things, I find my comfort. Something within me perseveres to achieve that clarity in my life.

This human being is a success story. It is a success that started a long time ago and is still unfolding. And it will be a success story until the very last breath. If the heart is full, that’s it. That is the success.

This understanding, this clarity is possible. To be in that place, to take advantage of the joy, is a conscious choice you can make. It’s all about joy. This is the one life you have. Get it right. Now. Now is never too early and never too late.

Be in peace. Be in joy every single moment of your life. Because it’s possible, and it’s possible in your lifetime.

— Prem Rawat