Welcome to the World of Existence

Prem Rawat / Maharaji

I’m here to talk about something very, very simple, but at the same time, it touches every one of us. What is it? It is about this journey, this life, this existence. Not an idea. Not a theory. Not rules. Not some printed pages. But about you and me.

The most incredible thing that is taking place is not what you read in the newspaper. It is not what is in your library. Don’t mistake me; I’m not putting them down. I’m just trying to lay forth an order of priority. What is the most important thing? The most important thing is: you are alive. Now what? What does that mean to you?

Sometimes we have interpretations of what it means to be alive. Because I am alive, I can do this, I can do that. The focus is not about all those things. The focus is your existence, you being on the face of this earth. This will never happen again. The house you live in, other people will live in, too. Right now, you say, “It’s mine.” One day, somebody else will say, “It’s mine.”

Prem Rawat /Maharaji

What is yours? What can you truly consider yours that no one can take away from you? All your life, you work very hard to collect things. But are they yours? All your life, you work very hard to become somebody—to have a name, a title. But is that really you?

Who are you really? Who am I? I have a lot of awards. Is that who I am? What is this journey I am on? I was born. Things have been happening. When I say “journey,” I’m not saying, “Let’s go on a journey. Let’s find out what we can do on this journey.” The journey has already begun. This is not about brochures or holiday packages. This is not about what you would like to eat. The journey has begun.

When you were in your mother’s womb, your parents had a lot of ideas about you. And being in love, they made their little plans for you. They may not have known if you were going to be a boy or a girl. But when you came into this world, there was a very short period of time in which they held their breath, waiting. In that moment, it was not about aspirations and your gender. They were only interested in knowing one thing: Are you breathing or not?


If you are breathing, then, “Ah! Congratulations, it’s a boy. It’s a girl! Oh, wonderful! Oh, so cute. Look at those eyes.” But before that, before the eyes and the face and the cuteness, there’s only one concern, and that concern was, “Are you breathing or not?”

And this happens again—at the end. At the end, they all wait. And they wait, and they wait, and they wait, and they want to know: Have you stopped breathing?

Everything you are is predicated on something so incredibly simple. And everything you do in your life seems so far removed from that reality. Is this reality ugly? No. It is beautiful. Welcome to the world of existence. Welcome to the world of clarity. Welcome to the world of understanding because this is what it is about—the peace that dances in your heart, not the doubts that wreak havoc in your mind. The reality of your existence is supremely sweet.

I’m not here to tell you about the good or bad, right or wrong. I’m only here to tell you that what you are looking for is inside of you. And this is not a puzzle. These are not empty words, because I have a way that you can feel the reality that is inside of you, the peace that is inside of you, the joy that is inside of you. In this life.

You think you are blessed when things go your way. But you are blessed—truly blessed—when breath comes into you. Could it be that the miracle of all miracles is the coming and going of this breath? Could it be that I have been living on top of a goldmine every single day?

The good news is that true joy is already inside every single human being. And you can experience it if you want to. Search for peace. And wherever you find it, great. And if you don’t find it, come to me. I can make it possible.

— Prem Rawat