What’s the Point?

Prem Rawat

There is a lot to appreciate. One life, and in this one life, to understand what is real, to understand the quintessential, important thing: the value of this existence. Life is life. Breath is breath. To wonder is to wonder. To wander is just to wander. And when people wander, I ask them, “What are you looking for?”

I know that we seek to quench our thirst. We may never say to ourselves, “I’m thirsty.” But we are. We might say, “I have everything,” but we don’t—not unless we have found the water that quenches our thirst.

People ask, “If I acknowledge that I don’t have everything, does that make me weak or incomplete?” No. The water you search for is inside of you, and the thirst that causes you to search for it is also inside of you. You do not become dependent on something outside; it is within you. Understand what that means. You do not create anything; you come to know what is already inside of you. And not only know that, but fall in love with it.


When you know and have fallen in love with that one thing, you will be rewarded with peace. Many say, “Oh, when we stop fighting, we’ll have peace.” No. You will have exactly that—no fighting—but not peace. There have been times when people have not been fighting, and then they started fighting with each other, so could you say that peace leads to war, and war leads to peace? That would be a dangerous statement to make. What is peace? Is peace an absence of the external war or the internal war? You see, the peace you are looking for is from the internal war, the war that rages inside of you.

A lot of people read a beautiful book and say, “Oh, it brings me so much peace.” What did the writer read? The writer couldn’t have read that book till he had written it. I’m not against books, but books are not enough. That’s like hanging a picture of a well on a wall and saying it will suffice. You would never say, “I don’t really need a kitchen. What I need is some wall space where I can hang a picture of food, and every time I get hungry, I will look at this picture and be satisfied.” Yet, when it comes to peace, people do exactly that. “I don’t need anything. All I need is this little place in my house. I will hang this picture, put this book there, do this, do that. And then I will come and spend a few quiet moments.”

You have two ears that let outside noise in. But this mind has its own set of ears. It listens to things that were never said, sees things that never existed, talks to people that were never born, and goes to places that don’t actually exist. So, when you talk about being quiet, are you talking about a quiet room or real quiet, even here inside?

Prem Rawat

You have a thirst to be fulfilled, a thirst for peace. If you ask why, then may I give you my observation? There is all this dirt floating around in space. It’s compressed and brought into this beautiful planet called Earth. Then it goes through an amazing process. From dirt, dinosaurs come and go, this comes and that goes, and from this dirtcomes another dirt. And thisdirt is a little different, but it’s basically dirt.

Dirt makes goals and says, “This is what we should all achieve.” It says, “I have gone to the deepest ocean, the highest sky.” But there’s dirt out there much higher than you. It says, “I have ten degrees. I am the youngest at this, the oldest at this.” Amazing what dirt thinks. So, what is the point of this dirt being able to think, perceive, recognize, feel—when it will just become dirt again? When somebody will outdo you in whatever you do?

One day, my children wanted to go on an amusement park ride. I asked, “Why do you want to go on this ride? It goes round and round, and it’s just going to come right back here.” And the answer was, “To have fun.” I remember this, because it had a profound impact on me. I started thinking, “From nothing came this body, and to nothing it will go. What is the point?” Well, I will give you the same answer that a very youngperson gave me a long time ago: to have fun. It’s just my observation.

To me, fun is where truly the heart is entertained, where a person is filled with gratitude, where the dirt is filled with joy. Turn within and feel this blessing of breath. This is the most incredible miracle there is! Dirt can dance. Very unnatural, but with so much charm and grace that it is completely natural—the dirt can speak, the dirt can think, and the dirt can feel the ultimate.

— Prem Rawat