When the Heart Stays Full

Translated from Hindi

People take many different journeys, but the day we understand our heart's thirst to be in joy, to be fulfilled in our life, a beautiful new journey begins. Everyone has their own journey to take, depending on the thirst that they feel.

The goal in life should be to have joy in your heart. That is what your heart longs for. If you make the effort, you can definitely experience that. Then, the story of your life will be that you came, you enjoyed, you filled your cup, and then you left. The first page and the last page of your story are already written, but the middle pages are empty. Those pages are for you to write.

The most important thing we can do in life is to light the lamp of joy. If that lamp continues to be lit, the wealth of joy will come to us. Everything has been given to us. MaharajiThere's nothing left to be given. It is up to us to take it, to pick it up.

So often we don't see what we have been given. That is the malady of this world. People have their imagination of what they need: "I should have this. I should have that." There's nothing wrong with that, but they haven't accepted what has already been given. If we are not able to appreciate what we already have, we haven't understood the value of it.

Joy is something that a person can experience till their last breath, but it is important not to get caught up in the idea of the "last breath." We don't know when the last breath is going to be. What we do know is the one that's coming and going right now. Focus on that. Enjoy that.

Sometimes people ask me what I can do to help people who are very poor and may not have enough food or a place to live. Peace within doesn't have anything to do with how poor or wealthy a person might be. Poor people need peace too. They also need that joy.

If there are four or five clay pots sitting before you, are they empty or full? If you are only looking at them from the outside, how can you tell? The only way to know is to go up to them and look inside. There are many wealthy people who experience pain, who are empty inside. And there are poor people who experience joy. No matter where you are, or what your environment is, you can take advantage of the experience of peace within.

This is the message I bring to people. I remind people that what they are looking for is within. Some people listen to me and like what they hear, but don't pursue it. Others like it and want to explore it further. If you know that what you want is to be fulfilled, I can help.

It is possible to be fulfilled in this life. When the heart stays full, life is fulfilled.

— Prem Rawat