Where Is Freedom?


My message is not about what you could do in this world. My message is not about your neighbor, world politics, or the economy. My message is about you. Just you. In this world, you have been forgotten. You have forgotten yourself. I go around the world to remind people of themselves—you, who were given the opportunity to be alive.

What we need in our lives is to understand what we have been given. We judge our lives by the amount of troubles we have, and we pray, “Take away the troubles.” We never say thank you for what we have been given. If we understood what we have been given, we would understand that our troubles are trivial. They come and they will go. They come like a fly, and all you have to do is let it go. But we don’t understand, and we struggle. We struggle to be free.

I don’t have to struggle to recognize my freedom. Within me—within you—is a light so bright that never again do you have to be in the darkness. And the majesty that is inside of you is unchanging.

Prem Rawat

Where is freedom? Freedom is within you. Where is joy? Joy is within you. People want to grow trees of joy, to plant memories so they can have joy. But joy is something that is fresh every day, like a crystal clear spring that wells from the depths of a human being. You are the well. And from this well comes the spring of clarity. Clarity, joy, simplicity are beautiful angels that reside within you. These are your companions, but you don’t know it.

You have never been introduced to the clarity inside of you, to the simplicity inside of you, to that beauty inside of you. When you are, the journey of life begins, not ends. You understand that you don’t have to be confused. You understand that you don’t have to be in sorrow. You understand that you don’t have to be in doubt.

There is a plan here. And in this plan, you’re here. Life is happening. And one day, it will not. Your troubles will be over. Nobody will bother you anymore. You won’t be there to be bothered. People will come and say nice things about you—finally. But you won’t be able to hear. That day, you won’t have uncles, you won’t have aunts, you won’t have brothers. Everything—gone.


When people hear this, they become worried, but the wise begin to see how precious an opportunity it is that they are alive. You shouldn’t feel worried; you should be thankful for having this life.

Inner contentment is there. It never goes away. All you have to do is turn inside.

In this life, you don’t have to wander. We don’t have to walk around confused. We don’t have to wonder, “Where did I come from? Where am I going? What am I doing here?” The wondering should be changed to knowing. You should know. Know where you are. Know what you have been given. Know the truth about you.

I’m not here to change your religion. Follow whatever religion you feel. I’m not here to teach you other things. I’m not here to teach you how to try to fly. I’m here to teach you to recognize your true self. That’s all.

— Prem Rawat