Work in Progress


Today, a breath came into me and brought me the gift of life. For this, I am filled with gratitude. For this, I'm eternally thankful because today I am alive.

What does that mean? When I am in that thankfulness, aware of what I have been given, it doesn't have to mean anything. When your child was a little baby and looked at you and just smiled one of those smiles that melted you, did it have to mean anything? In that moment, all that was needed was a smile back, and everything was said. I don't think there is enough paper on the face of this earth to write what it meant.

In this existence, what I have understood traveling so many places, seeing so many people, is that there is a song that has been written but never sung. There is a symphony that has been composed but never played. There is a poetry that has been written but never recited. And each one of us carries this song, this poetry, this symphony, within us.

There's a lot more to every moment of your life. The question is: How much do you take home at the end of the day? Is it enough to satisfy your hunger?

Maharaji Prem Rawat

There are many kinds of hunger. Some people hunger to be more successful. Of course, that kind of hunger will never be satisfied no matter how much you have. But do you recognize the one thing that you can satisfy? The one thing that is real—not a definition from someone else. That is the most important thing.

When I begin to understand that, something incredible happens. When you are fulfilled, something amazing happens automatically. People spend a lot of money trying to make it happen, but sometimes all the money and effort in the world doesn't do it. Then something happens, and when it does, it does amazing things.

It's contentment. Once in awhile, you find yourself content. And when you are content, you become happy. And when you become happy, all of a sudden, you become kind. Your level of tolerance goes sky-high. Could it be that kindness is automatic for you, that gentleness is your second nature, that you appreciate peace, that you like love, that you wish another human being well who you may not even know? All because you happen to be content for a few minutes? If that's true, there is a chance for peace. Maybe peace is not that elusive after all.

Kindness towards yourself, kindness towards another human being—kindness. Instead of so much noise, a symphony begins to play that is so sweet, and every moment begins to fill with gratitude.


Living life should be a beautiful thing every single day. For me, it is work in progress. A conscious effort has to be made. Every day, I have to be able to turn within and find my reality. This is about living your life—eyes wide open—with a feeling. For the first time, to dance to a song that comes from within you. To not just think of being alive, but to actually feel alive every single day. That is the possibility.

Peace was set as the threshold for humanity a long time ago. It is only one of the dreams that we have not been able to fulfill. We have gone to the moon. Now the real challenge is: peace. Peace begins with every single human being.

I love peace. I have found peace in my life. I'm so thankful that I have. I want you to also find that peace in your life. And for those who have found that peace, to feel it every day. If I can feel it, you can feel it. It is possible. It's not a dream; it's not a philosophy; it's not an idea. I'm talking about a well where you can quench your thirst. I'm talking about an ocean, and I'm saying, "Come. Swim. Jump in. Feel yourself refreshed every single day. Not just one day. Every single day."

— Prem Rawat