Video Compilations

Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Europe and North America- 2014 Europe and North America- 2014 [60:55 min] Selections from Prem Rawat’s addresses at events in Europe and North America during the summer of 2014. Also included are excerpts from his engaging interview on the Taiwan Outlook show on Macroview Television in Taipei, Taiwan.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - 2014 Highlights- March and April 2014 Highlights- March and April [58:10 min] Selections from Prem Rawat’s events in Malaysia and Taiwan in March and April of 2014. Also included are several popular stories and interactions with students at Dong Hwa University in Hualien.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Event in Europe- 2014 Event in Europe- 2014 [56:01 min] Selections from Prem Rawat’s addresses at events in Europe during the summer of 2014. These excerpts focus on striving to be truly human and abiding by our basic human nature, which is to be filled with joy. Also included is a segment from Prem Rawat’s interview with Mr. Gee, a well-known urban poet in the United Kingdom, where they speak about the importance of knowing that the happiness that human beings seek is within them.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - An Ocean In The Drop An Ocean In The Drop [47:19 min] Event from Cusco, Peru - June 2013.
Municipality Convention Center. Speaking to a packed audience of students from various educational institutes, local authorities and residents of Cusco at the Municipality Convention Center, Prem Rawat posed the question, “Why do you want peace?
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Houses of Parliament in London, United Kingdom Houses of Parliament in London, United Kingdom [43:02 min] Prem Rawat attended a ceremony in the historic Gladstone Room at the Houses of Parliament in London, where the Pledge to Peace was presented. He addressed dignitaries and invited guests, stressing the importance of taking care of our fellow human beings. He answered several questions from the audience.
Tuesday 17 June 2014
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Nova Southeastern University: Peace is Possible Conference Nova Southeastern University: Peace is Possible Conference [39:05 min] Really what I have to talk about is something incredibly simple. It is simple because it has something to do with you; it has something to do with your existence.
Its not about formulas, it’s not about trying to contrive ways to get around to the joy and the beauty of this life but it is about a feeling, and the feeling of being alive.
We do so much in our lives to fulfill ourselves on the outside, we create massive structures, we create massive institutions, and the purpose, and the reason for all of this, so that we can be fulfilled. Now the key thing here is fulfillment, it is not what fulfills you, but do you have the fulfillment in your life?

So yes everyday we do our research, everyday we go on expanding our horizons but all on the outside, and but I am here to tell you is that its ok to study and expand your outer horizon but don’t forget your inner horizon. It is ok to learn about this world, but don’t forget to learn about the heart, it is ok to study the behavior of all the animals, all plants and the nature but don’t forget your own behavior, the behavior of this heart, the request of this heart, the call of this heart, because if you do, there is only one simple consequence, and that consequence is that you have a 1000 glasses but no water to fill them with, and if you were a person in a middle of the desert in sincere need of that water, in dire need of that water, because of the thirst which would you rather have the glass or the water??
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - The Importance of Peace The Importance of Peace [31:22 min] In June 2014, Prem Rawat was the keynote speaker at Central Hall, Westminster, for an event sponsored by the Water and Food Award (WAFA). At this event, WAFA celebrated humanitarian efforts that have initiated the most innovative, sustainable and replicable projects to provide nutritious food and clean water to those most in need. “In a way, all our efforts that we are trying to make, whether it is sustainability, whether it is to feed the hungry, whether it is to bring clean water—in our own little way, we want to create a little heaven right here on earth. And who will ever blame us for thinking so wildly? Because that is a wild vision—to want to create a little heaven for us and for our fellow beings. And to leave a legacy of that heaven for the generations yet to come, so they keep on living the dream of creating a little heaven in their time, for the time ahead of them.”
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - European Parliament in Brussels European Parliament in Brussels [24:23 min] Mr. Rawat spoke of the universal need for peace to a diverse audience of Members of
  • the European Parliament
  • Diplomats
  • Local leaders
  • honored guests from many countries
In my opinion the ideal should be to have peace on this earth, where people feel and celebrate having peace. We talk about prosperity; in my formula, and this is only because I've observed, Prosperity without peace is chaos. Everybody is wondering what is going on? Isn't just a few years ago everybody was proud- 'Yes the Economy!' Then all of a sudden, prosperity without peace leads to chaos. If we want to avoid this chaos, then we've to work on what peace really is. That peace is not a monastery, peace is not absence of noise, not absence of war. Peace is not a declaration. Peace is a fundamental human need that needs to be felt from within. I'm paraphrasing the UN charter- "It's in the minds of men, of human beings, that the wars are created". That's where it comes from. And I just want to add this much "That it is from the hearts of the human beings that peace will be created"

There are people who give 5 reasons or 6 reasons why there shouldn't be peace on this earth. I've 6.5 billion reason on why there should be peace on this earth! This is the time when the nations need to come together. Because remember it is those Kings and rulers in whose rule peace reigned that were considered the most successful ruler- and prosperity followed. These are not impossible dreams. This can be a reality that we can have. Question remains whether we want to do it or not.

At the end of the event Vice President of European Parliament and Italian MEP, Mr. Gianni Pittella, personally thanked Mr. Rawat for his insights, declaring that:

"Today, peace is considered an irreplaceable factor in every effort for a society that is based on the dignity of the individual and on common welfare.
However, any effort for peace made by institutions cannot fully succeed if the value of peace is not deeply rooted in every person's heart."
Prem Rawat - Maharaji -  The Quest for Fulfillment The Quest for Fulfillment [24:01 min] "Why Peace? ... 7 billion people on the face of this earth are crying out for one thing and one thing alone and that is peace".

In our lives, we need inspiration so that we can do those things which can make the most of this lifetime. Something that gives meaning to being here, being alive. These are the driving engines that are going to inspire me to enjoy my self. This is about you, just you.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Simplicity Simplicity [23:49 min] Life’s complications begin to unravel when simplicity is added. Instead of living with a constant barrage of questions, a person can begin to enjoy just being alive by understanding one basic need.