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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Limitless Possibilities Limitless Possibilities [21:04 min] Prem Rawat delivers his message of peace directly to the residents of Melbourne, Australia. Again he stresses the importance of peace in each individual, and also reminds us that peace is waiting in each of our hearts, waiting to be felt. Peace dwells in the heart of every living human being.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Prem Rawat addresses at Harvard University, in Sanders Theatre Prem Rawat addresses at Harvard University, in Sanders Theatre [23:26 min] There is a peace, that has something to do with every individual. A peace that resides in the heart of every human being on the face of this earth. A peace that is not somebody's vision. A peace that resides in a person, even in their darkest hour. That peace resides within that person, even when that person is surrounded by an Ocean- An ocean of confusion and doubt! A peace that is presence of something beautiful, not absence of anything.
The good news is that the thirst is within you, and the water which will quench that thirst is within you.
The good news is that which you are looking for, is within you. And the means to get in touch with that thing, is within you. There is a reality that is very sweet, not buried under doubts and questions. But in-fact, dancing within every human being. Because you exist, because you are alive.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - The Oldest Dream- at University of Salamanca The Oldest Dream- at University of Salamanca [24:00 min] The University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain; founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX, it was acknowledged in 1254 by Pope Alexander IV as being one of the four great Universities in the world. It has had many distinguished professors throughout its history, including Luis de Letan, Beatriz de Galindo, Melchor Cano, Francisco de Vitoria and Miguel de Unamuno and many well known citizens have walked along the University corridors, like Miguel de Cervantes, Hernando Cortes and Christopher Columbus.
Speaking at the University of Salamanca, Maharaji addressed distinguished guests, faculty and students. He said:
When you look at an ocean and you see that the river has carved this huge gorge. How do you think it happened? I will tell you how it happened. It happened drop by drop. That is the conviction that we too need in our lives. The knowledge of all things will be complete, when the knowledge of self is included in that knowledge. That one statement made by Socrates long ago, does not remain something to discuss, but becomes a reality. I travel the world; I bring this message to people. All I am doing is bringing this possibility, peace is important to me. And I hope that peace is important to you because after all when I look at the horizon and I have to imagine the world without peace, which indeed is a very grim prospect. When I see the light in the horizon, I certainly hope it is the light of peace that dances waiting to shine, in my life, in my time.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Prem Rawat at Miami Dade College Prem Rawat at Miami Dade College [26:00 min] Day One- Prem Rawat held two events in Miami, Florida, at the invitation of Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón, President of Miami Dade College- one of the largest institutions of higher education in the United States, with more than 160,000 students. At the first event, he addressed leaders and prominent members of the Miami community as well as members of Miami Dade College’s faculty.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Finding Home Finding Home [26:33 min] What I'm offering is not “Let's imagine a mango” No. Here is the mango. Here, have a bite; taste it. That's what I offer. So the prepare becomes seeing that home as it is. The preparation becomes really really preparing yourself to see it with your eyes. Not somebody's else's explanation. Thirst- it's there. It needs to be discovered. Knowledge is there- it needs to be discovered.

I'm here to help. To help facilitate that process. I get to hold the mirror up, you get to see. The answers are within you. And so far you've become very good at formulating questions. Now let help you to accept answers that come from within you.
The art of coming home.

Have you seen an ant? If you've seen one ant, you've seen all ant. There they are, always going about their business. They get a little concerned when you come around, because you may step on them or something. And they go places to find food. But there's one thing that is really remarkable about the little ant. This tiny little ant may venture all over the place (And your lawn is like big thick jungle for the little ant) And it goes wherever it has to go. But there is one thing very special- and that is this ant knows how to get back home. For this ant, it is really really important. Got to get back home. Think about that. Wherever it goes, whatever it does, it does everything to remember how to get back home.
Do you know how to get back home? Because if you have mastered the art of going out but not coming back, then it is a half the mastery. It's kind of one-way experiment. And people to that- make the list; this is what I want in my life. Fine. Go and do whatever you have to do. I'm not the one who will tell you what you should and shouldn't do. But a piece of good advice, do you know how to get back home? Where is your home?
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)- Sirifort Auditorium Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)- Sirifort Auditorium [26:39 min] Prem Rawat addressed a group of distinguished guests at Sirifort Auditorium in New Delhi, India. The Young Leaders Forum of the Indian Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce invited Maharaji to address a distinguished audience of 1,850 business and government leaders. Maharaji talks about the one-year-old that is still within us with the same request and wish it always had, to be fulfilled.

Today, everybody is interested in peace. For the peace that I want to talk to you about is the peace that we need even when there is no war. I am here to tell you remove the word "war", let's talk about of peace. Peace resides in the heart of human beings, not in the mind. For you to see your reflection in water, the water must be still because if the water is moving you will not be able to see your reflection. Your heart should be still. The very nature of mind is to escape any imprisonment.

Kabir das ji said,
"Hai ghat mein par door batawein, door ki baat nirasi.
Kehat kabeer suno bhai saadho,
guru bin bharam na jaasi.
Mohe sun sun aawe haansi."

He thinks its humourous because a fish that is surrounded by water is thirsty. I agree. I conquer, I think that is so. That this fish is looking for the very thing that is inside.
Within you is that joy that you are looking for. Within you is that peace that you are looking for. Within you are the answers, not the questions.

You know the right tool for the right job. Right spices for the right food. And when it comes to the subject of inner contentment we try to pick the most sublime. Try to understand the most sublime, the most incredibly tender and the most incredibly infinite, with the most finite tool we have(points to mind). Let me figure this out. How am I going to pick it up, how my mind is going to grasp. People tell me, don't tell me my mind is finite. Oh, but it is. Let me remind you, it is the same mind that had people believing that earth was the center of the universe and everything went around it and people actually believed it.
Peace is not absence of war. The war needs to be stopped within each one of us. That is good; it is much better when you stop fighting with yourself.
If you want peace look no further than yourself. Accept the fact that what you are looking for is within you. If you have the thirst and you need water, I can help.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - A Basic Necessity A Basic Necessity [27:00 min] Prem Rawat speaks about peace as not just an absence of conflict, but as a state of being. He suggests that although people look different on the outside, everyone is searching for the same thing. He says that one can feel peace every day, and the way to find it is to turn within.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - An Experience Inside An Experience Inside [27:00 min] The truest happiness is within, says Prem Rawat, and when a person feels the contentment within, things seem to fall into place. He goes on to say that understanding this fact is a key strength that every human being can possess.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi, India Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi, India [28:00 min] Prem Rawat speaks at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in New Delhi, India. He speaks about peace as something a person needs in life, and the importance of understanding that it is attainable.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - The Truest Celebration The Truest Celebration [28:00 min] A nature of a human being, Prem Rawat says, is to search, even if what we are searching for is undefined. But when we know what we are searching for, we can begin to accept that it is within us. And then, Rawat says, that is the day a human being can truly begin to live life as a celebration.