Excerpts from Events

Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Universal Forum of Cultures, Barcelona invites Prem Rawat Universal Forum of Cultures, Barcelona invites Prem Rawat [09:21 min] The Chief Executive of the Universal Forum of Cultures, Barcelona invited Maharaji to address the prestigious forum. He expressed that we understand peace from a political or socio-logical perspective, but Maharaji has a very unique perspective on peace!
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Taking off the mask Taking off the mask [06:08 min] Giovanna Tassi, the General Director of Ecuador Public Radio and Television, interviewed Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat during one of his visits to Ecuador. In this excerpt, Prem Rawat speaks about how the message of peace has helped transform gang members in Ecuador, and the importance of each person seeing their own inner beauty.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Ravan's Advice to Lakshman, brother of Ram Ravan's Advice to Lakshman, brother of Ram [04:29 min] For most of us, we do things, We find ourselves in a trap where everything is faster than we are. And we have to catch. And we trying to catch up with everything. With the projects that din't get done, all the ideas that we have. And don't feel bad about this, because goes back to hundreds and thousands of years ago. It's documented. When Ravan (Anecdote from Ramayana, one of the greatest epic from India) he was the bad, he stole Ram's wife Sita. Finally Ram did him in. As he's dying. Ram sends his brother, Lakshman, saying "Actually he's quite literate, quite a wise person, ask him a few questions."

Ravan is lying there, he's dying slowly. Lakshman comes upto him and says "Tell me how to run a kingdom, what is good, what is bad." And of-course, Ravan stays very quiet. Lakshman comes back to Ram and says "The rope is burnt but the twists are still there. He's so proud of himself that he won't answer!" Ram asked, "No. No. what did you do?" Lakshman says, "I went by his head and asked him". Ram said, "No. Don't go by his head. Pay him all the respect that is due to him. Then very nicely and kindly ask him." So Lakshman does that.

And one of the things that Ravan says is just that "I had so many wonderful dreams. I wanted to do so much good, but I din't do those things. I started doing things that were no consequence. If at all they were of any consequence, they were of bad consequence. I didn't choose consciously the things that I wanted to pursue in my life. And today the result is, I'm lying here. And I've had so many blessings from different deities that nobody would be able to kill me. But here I'm, I'm dying. Because I din't pursue the good. I pursued those things that were of bad consequence."

He talks about his dreams, and his dreams are really big! He wants to convert entire ocean into sweet water so that people will have good supply of clean water. He said "But I din't do that. Instead, I started pursuing, how I could Kidnap Ram's wife."
Of-course in that moment he says "I understand this is stupid, but there is nothing I can do about it now. I wasn't conscious." We're all guilty of not pursuing the good, and pursuing things good for nothing. We're all guilty of that. As far back as that story goes, that has been the case.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Five seconds of Heaven Five seconds of Heaven [03:02 min] Prem Rawat speaking in Salvador, Brazil
Try this- it works, believe me. When you go home, try it. Five seconds of heaven. If you have children/husband/wife at home, try to make five seconds of heaven for them. What would make five seconds of heaven for a husband- this is what's amazing. It's not breakfast. Listen.
And the day you want to make five seconds of heaven for yourself, listen to your heart.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Prem Rawat asked to define peace Prem Rawat asked to define peace [02:45 min] On the 23rd of May 2013, Prem Rawat spoke at the UWC Red Cross Nordic college in Flekke, Norway to an audience of students and faculty.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - What makes you truly happy? What makes you truly happy? [06:17 min] If you were to lose everything! Can you be happy? When you were born, how many husbands did you have? or how many wives or girlfriends did you have? Did you even, in that time, know that you were happy? Were you incapable of being happy? Have you seen a little baby?
I want to ask you, what makes you truly happy? Is it some thing, or is it you? This my friend (pointing to the heart), is the home of contentment and peace.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Prem Rawat talks about Kabir Prem Rawat talks about Kabir [06:10 min] Peace is not a disappointment. Peace is a reality. The joy that is inside of you, is a reality. This is an actuality. And you see, this is where it gets a little funny. If I say it, you migth say, "Aww, I don't know, he said it." So, I bring along Kabir. And when he says it, people go, "O Wow! Kabir said that." And it works very well. Works very well for me. Just bring on along Kabir, and get him to say it. And then people go, "Oh yeah, I got it."

In this world, you become absolutely loved and credible after you die. It is absolutely amazing. Death has a profound effect on people. But thats just how it is. When Kabir was alive, did anyone hear him? No! He died penniless. No credit was given to him. He was just somebody battling this stuff. After his death, "Ohh, have you read his stuff!"

And what does he say? That divine that you are looking for, is inside of you. That Kabir said. See, I said the same thing a few minutes ago, exactly the same thing. Thats why Kabir is great.

What is this world like? He says that people are going all over the place searching and looking for that divine, when that divine dwells in you. Like the musk deer who searches for the scent throughout the forest but the scent resides within its own navel.

He says, imagine a pond and on the pond there grows a lotus and all around the lotus, the bees are buzzing. And the same way, he says, this mind wonders buzzing around all that it finds attractive. And who is caught in it, everyone. All the knowledgeable ones, all the intellectuals, all the ones that have all the credentials, all the holy ones. I did’t say that, Kabir did! They are all buzzing around this stuff.

All the while, the divine is waiting for you, to be acknowledged. The church of churches is within you. The temple of temples is within you. And the one you seek, is within you. What do you need? You need someone who can show you the way inside. Somebody who can put a mirror in front of you, so you can see, who you are.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Come a little closer Come a little closer [09:20 min] This evening we have an opportunity to listen about a simple reality, because you exist. It is so easy to conjure up all the ideas and concepts that exist in this world. It is almost impossible not to be affected by all the hearsay that go around. And all of a sudden, a simple reality gets ignored.

What is this reality? You're alive. That within you in-fact, is the divine. Within you are the answers that you seek. Lot of people go, "If that's the case then how come I don't see the divine?"

I've an explanation for that. If you were to go way out, into the outer space. First you'll just start to see a little bigger picture. You can see more, more, and more. Right? No! Not entirely true. The further out you go, Even though you can see more, the resolution drops. So all of a sudden you don't see human beings any more. If you go few light years, you won't even see the blue sphere!

So, what's the trick? The trick to see that which is really there, is beautiful. What is it? Come a little closer.

Peace is inside of you. And people say they don't see it. Feel it. Why? Because you're so far away from your own self. And the answer- Come a little closer. And keep coming closer, closer, closer till you see it.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Peace Peace [06:24 min] The day you begin to accept and understand that accomplishment, that blessing, then you begin to understand what peace is.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - India Habitat Centre addressed by Prem Rawat India Habitat Centre addressed by Prem Rawat [03:41 min] People ask me "Give the Knowledge to me". I say, No. First, recognize your thirst. Because if you are not thirsty, water doesn't mean anything. There is nothing to sell here, and nothing to buy. Knowledge is not for sale. It is not for sale. Not a penny! Not because it is very cheap, but because its priceless. Because there is not enough money in this world to buy it. Knowledge a mirror-
Knowledge is a way to go inside. To see, to feel, to experience.

India Habitat centre Advises and if needed, assists the Government in the formation and implementation of policies relating to habitat, and human settlements.