quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

A human being struggles in ignorance because he is living in uncertainty.
He is not certain about tomorrow.
And when a human being is not certain about something, two things happen: Either he accepts that and says, “I am going to do something about it,” or— like most people— he makes up a story about tomorrow.
And once the story has been made up, he will do anything to believe in that story, whatever it takes.
But it’s a story.
And a story does not remove uncertainty.
These are the only things that can remove uncertainty from this life so that I can begin to welcome what tomorrow is.
Not what tomorrow brings— what tomorrow is.
Existence is an incredible miracle.
My yearning, my truest want is to feel alive, to feel this existence.
I want to be dazzled by that miracle.
I want to witness it.
- Prem Rawat