quote- nature
quote- nature

Aren’t you curious which part of you dictates your life?
Both are parts of you, no question about it.
Which is the part that makes decisions for you?
It’s a very simple question, but it has incredibly profound consequences.
I’m not talking about decisions of what to eat, what movie to see, what clothes to buy, or even who to marry.
I’m talking about the decisions that really matter to you.
The heart is incapable of making decisions in an illusive world.
It does not understand it.
The mind is quite capable of making decisions in this world.
It does understand it, because it created it.
“We need this, we need this, we need this...”

The mind has made the world situation confusing.
But in the realm of the heart, there is no confusion.
There never was and never will be.
In the realm of the heart, there is only one thing: To be fulfilled.
To find that joy, to find that feeling— not a description of the feeling.
- Prem Rawat