quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

Each one of us judges our day, our year, and indeed, our lives by what has been accomplished.
"Was it a good day?"
People will say, "I accomplished this, I went there.
I did this, I did that, and, yes, it was a good day."
Or, "No, I had problems.
My tire went flat, my car broke down, this problem happened, that problem happened.
So, no, it was not a good day."
What is really important?
Is it really the breaking down of the car that can destroy a day?
I agree that it is inconvenient.
Things happen in people’s lives and they say, "I am ruined! I am destroyed!"
I want to point out that there’s something happening in your life that is more important than the sum of all your accomplishments and your mistakes put together.
What is it?
It is so simple.
It is the coming and the going of each breath.
- Prem Rawat