quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

Every individual wants to progress in their life.
The farmer plows the field, sows the seed, and every year, he hopes that he will have a better crop.
We hope for some kind of progress in our life.
What do we have to do for this progress?
In this world, there is no shortage of people who will give you advice, but it is all just words.
It is not practical.
What I say is words, but if you want, you can have progress in your life— practically.
If just by saying “money, money, money,” a person could become rich, there would be no trace of poverty.
But no one becomes rich that way; a person has to work hard.
If a person wants peace in their life, chanting “peace, peace, peace” won’t bring peace.
They will have to find something that can actually help them experience peace.
- Prem Rawat