quote- nature
quote- nature

Here is a riddle: There is something that we have all been given plenty of, but it’s never enough.
We want more.
Everybody goes around pretending they don’t have enough of it.
We’re given this one thing, but we can never keep it.
What do you suppose it is?
We say, “I don’t have time.
I don’t have time.
I don’t have time.”
And it just keeps coming and coming.
All the time we get is ours, but we don’t get to keep any of it.
It slips through, and the only thing we are left with is what we do in that time.
So what is it that we should do in that time?
Don’t underestimate this little question.
This has been debated for centuries: What should we do?
We are such “do” creatures that we forget certain fundamental things.
The thirst for fulfillment is innate; it is within you.
If you feel the thirst, you are doing what you should be doing.
We are driven to do so much in our lives.
We think we have to do so much.
All our responsibilities, all our ideas, all our thoughts— it’s, “Do, do, do.”
- Prem Rawat