quote- macro
quote- macro

I’d like to talk about the gift of this life you have as a human being.
What is a human being?
What makes us so different?
On one level, there isn’t a lot of difference between us and other animals.
Maybe the difference is no greater than the difference between a cat and a dog, but we are different.
What is it?
This is not based on science, but my inclination is that it is our power to appreciate, to enjoy, that makes us who we are.
Dogs enjoy what they enjoy.
There’s no question about it.
They wag their tail, and their eyes light up.
They even get a smile.
They enjoy what they enjoy.
Cats are the same way.
They enjoy what they enjoy.
And birds enjoy what they enjoy.
But there is something we can enjoy because of who we are.
And that, in my opinion, is what makes us a little bit different.
- Prem Rawat