quote- flower
quote- flower

If you have a boat and want to dock it in the harbor, you need to tie it to something that will not drift.
That’s why people bring an anchor with them.
What is it that does not drift?
To find the answer, you need to be able to know your true self, because the true self does not drift.
Your reality is simple.
The want to be fulfilled has always been there.
The want to be content has always been there.
That is not new.
And this want will be there till the very end.
It is there from the beginning; it is there to the end.
That want to be in peace does not change.
That thirst to be fulfilled does not change.
Anchor then to that reality, and you will not drift.
Anchor to that beauty that is inside of you, and you will not drift.
Everything else will change as it always has.
As it always will.
Everything keeps changing, but you.
There is something about you that does not change.
Find the changeless.
And tie well this boat of life to the changeless.
Then, relax.
- Prem Rawat