quote- sunset
quote- sunset

Imagine that you’re going on a week’s vacation, and you know the vacation is going to end from the day you begin.
You can say, "Oh, this is terrible.
It’s going to end."
Is that what you do— lament?
"I dare not have a good time because I know it is going to end."
Quite the contrary.
You want to have the best possible time you can in those days.
You don’t want to miss a moment, an hour— you want it all.
And that is how your life should be lived.
Because this vacation called lifetime is going to end.
Being afraid is not the point.
Too many people are caught up in that.
This life cannot be lived in fear or lamenting.
This life needs to be lived with a passion— of understanding, of clarity, a feeling of being fulfilled every single day.
- Prem Rawat