quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

It is obvious that we make the choice.
And what should our choice be?
Well, to put it in context, there is a place you can go that is not really real.
It’s virtual.
There, you can create an alter— personality of yourself.
You can fly.
You can do all the things you’ve always wanted to do but could never do, but only virtually, not really.
In this virtual place, people buy apartments and sofas for apartments.
But when you buy the virtual apartment and the furniture, you pay for it with real money.
It’s a million— dollar— a— day business— $365,000,000 a year.
And it’s growing.
People even meet in this virtual place and get married!
I bring a message about reality, a message that says, “What you are looking for is inside of you.”

Who are you?
What are you?
What is your core?
We need to know that in this day and age more than at any other time.
Otherwise, our choices will be virtual or make— believe, but the consequences will be real.
Unfortunately, consequences are always real.
- Prem Rawat