quote- snow
quote- snow

People talk about noise pollution and air pollution, but there is a real pollution; it’s called “thought pollution.”
A person is constantly bombarded, “This is important; that’s important; yes, that’s important.”

Do you realize what is being sacrificed?
Your time on the face of this earth.
Your possibility of being fulfilled every moment is being sacrificed.
And only you can answer this question: Can you afford that?
What is the most important thing to you?
I realize that I cannot afford the fog, and that’s a good realization.
Drama, trauma comes— I cannot afford that.
I want to understand the passion of my heart.
Somehow, this person was created and given the ability to feel.
And of all the things that I can feel, I can feel joy, I can feel peace, I can feel that feeling within me, and that is the most magnificent.
- Prem Rawat