quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

Recently, a hummingbird built a tiny nest outside my office, and laid two little eggs.
The mother would come and sit, and then the eggs hatched.
I made sure nobody disturbed it.
First one came out, sat on a branch, and then flexed his wings.
I was able to take some beautiful photos.
The mama sat on another branch watching.
We got a honey dispenser so she could get food close by, and she was okay with it.
This baby bird had to have total trust.
Fear or "it’s okay" were the two choices.
No logic, no reasoning.
Not, "Anybody with a Canon camera wouldn’t harm me" or "Somebody who has allowed me to exist up till now won’t harm me."
It could have been total paranoia and panic, but it wasn’t.
I would come with my camera, and the bird would look, until he got his flying business straightened out and took off.
Then it was the next bird’s turn, and he was even smaller.
He sat on the branch and wouldn’t go.
It took him longer to get his wings flexed.
Then one day, he was gone, too.
Same thing: Total fear or trust?
Both opted for trust.
- Prem Rawat