quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

The call for peace cannot come from the intellect.
It has to come from the heart.
Peace is the reward.
Joy is the reward.
A life fulfilled.
That is the most incredible reward, the highest honor.
The quest for peace is always noble, because there’s no end to it.
It is the truest victory for every human being.
It is not about all the deserts you could cross or the mountain you could climb.
It is about feeling, admiring the space within.
This is life, not the things that happen in it.
Feel the ultimate feeling.
When you dig an endless mine, it really doesn’t matter how much you’ve gotten out of it.
The only thing you can do is just keep digging and digging and digging.
Till you can’t.
Feel peace in your life every day.
Feel gratitude in your life every day.
When you have that contentment, you truly have a life.
That’s how simple it is.
- Prem Rawat