quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

The human heart is filled with a joy that you can feel whenever you want to, wherever you are— a joy that you can never have enough of.
Do you know that you cannot tolerate sadness very well?
You’re not made for it.
When you are sad, you want to leave it as soon as possible.
Joy— no problem.
You would think that would give you a little clue as to what you are about.
The clue is: there is no limit to joy, and we are extremely allergic to pain and suffering.
Have you found the source of endless joy?
It is not far from you— by design.
If you have a longing for joy, it would be pointless to have the source of that joy inaccessible to you.
So, in the clever design of this life, the source of joy goes with you wherever you go.
Enjoyment in this life is a possibility.
There are no restrictions.
Find that infinite source of joy within you.
- Prem Rawat