quote- nature
quote- nature

There is something that we are all given plenty of, but it’s never enough.
What is it?
We’re given lots of it, but we want more.
Everybody pretends they don’t have enough of it, and it just keeps coming.
All the time we get is ours, but we don’t get to keep any of it.
It comes and goes, and the only thing we are left with is what we do in that time.
What should we do in that time?
We are such “Do” creatures that we forget certain fundamental things.
We are driven to do so much.
So much of what we think we have to do is not from us, it’s from somebody else.
For once, it would be nice to feel what we really want to do and the quest come from within, not driven by the outside world.
There is another quest, something that moves and inspires each human being.
And that is the desire to be fulfilled— not in thought, not in imagination, but in earnest.
Peace— the state where there is no confusion, that place which doesn’t dwell on tomorrow, but now, where the value of presence is true, and the value of absence is nothing.
That there is an understanding of what it means to be alive.
What a gift.
- Prem Rawat