quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

There’s a beautiful couplet from India that says the topic of the infinite is not a topic of conversation.
All you can do is feel it, experience it, and then you will understand.
The whole world wants to talk about what is infinite, about what is God, about what is life.
But you cannot talk about life.
Life needs to be felt.
Do you feel alive?
When I say this, people think, “Of course, I am alive because of this and this and this.”
But these are not the things that make you feel alive.
You have been given the opportunity to be alive.
In you beats the drum of breath.
You have consciousness, the possibility of awareness.
You have the possibility to remember; you have the possibility to forget.
You have the good; you have the bad.
You have the right; you have the wrong.
All of the possibilities are in you.
Nothing is limited.
What do you want?
The answer must come from your heart, from the one place in you that is sincere, that is calling out to you.
- Prem Rawat