quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

Unless that one thing is fulfilled, all the explanations and ideas can be there, but if that basic and fundamental need is not fulfilled, what is the point?
And who are you going to rely on?
This is something that you have to do.
You have to understand that this is your life.
You can make it happen— that joy, that beauty— every day in your life.
And it’s very easy.
A lot of people think the only way it will happen is if I change the world around me.
That’s not easy.
People think they need to change their kids or their job or retire.
Waiting— just think of all the things you’re waiting for.
You don’t have to wait anymore.
You don’t have to change all the things outside; you can’t.
All you need to do is change your priorities.
Just rearrange.
Take the priority to be content and put it at the very top.
That’s all.
- Prem Rawat