quote- rainbow
quote- rainbow

We have relied on institutions long enough.
Institutions can bring us prosperity— ways to flourish on the outside.
But when it comes to feeling the peace on the inside, this remains our responsibility.
I have gone from village to village.
I have seen the poor, and I have seen the rich.
These are society’s differences, the glasses they give us that say, “Look at me.
I am rich; I am poor.
I am tall; I am short.
I am a woman; I am a man.
I am educated; I am not educated.”

These divisions have pushed people further away from each other, not brought them together.
Look at the condition of this world.
There are more educated people today than there have ever been.
And look what that has brought.
If the solution lies anywhere, it is, and has always been, inside of us.
It is incumbent upon human beings to bring peace, to bring kindness to each other.
- Prem Rawat