quote- nature
quote- nature

What I talk about is really simple because it is about life.
Life, for so many people has become incredibly complicated.
We are all drowning in the sea of definitions.
A simple question is asked: “Who are you?” And the number of answers you get is unimaginable.
One day, while the sheep were grazing, a big lion stepped out from the jungle.
All the sheep got scared and started running around, and so did the little lion.
The big lion went over to this little lion, who wasn’t that little any more, and said, “Why are you scared of me?” He said, “I am a poor little sheep, and you will eat me!” The lion said, “You’re not a sheep.
Come with me.”
He took him to a pond and said, “Now, look.”
And when he looked, he was shocked: “I’m not a sheep.
I am like you!”
The lion said, “That’s right.
You are like me.
Now stop mimicking sheep and roar like a big lion should.”
So the big lion roared and the little lion roared.
And the little lion began to thank the big lion.
And the lion said, “All I did was show you who you truly are.
Even before I stepped out of that jungle, this is who you were, because this is what you truly are.”

We, too, lose who we are on the face of this earth.
Your ability to feel joy is unique.
This is your nature— a part of you.
You have an aversion to suffering and an attraction to joy.
Then find in your life the joy that never ends, the joy that you cannot leave behind, the joy that you carry with you wherever you go.
- Prem Rawat